Creative Design Solutions in a Primary Bath

Creative Design Solutions in a Primary Bathroom

This client had worked with the team before. After multipe bathrooms, a kitchen and living room renovation, it was time to start building out the homeowner’s dream: a master bathroom connected to an exquisit indoor-outdoor space.

The primary bathroom was the first chapter of what would become the “entertainer’s paradise.” The bathroom would meet every desire the homeowner had envisioned. Some special features, however, begged the question: how?

Creative design solutions by the team led to a primary bath that takes your breath away. The shower has every kind of showerhead imaginable. The freestanding tub sits in a luxuriously open room. The finishes and final amenities are enough to sink into total relaxation every time the homeowners walk in…

What our team had to solve...

The first design challenge was to fit a freestanding tub and a large, walk-in shower into this bathroom. The second challenge was in the shower—the client longed for every kind of showerhead and water pressure, but initial designs had hardware all over with multiple knobs, and it would never look good.

The Challenges

The original bathroom seemed overtaken by the clunky, raised tub in the corner. The shower sat like a phone booth on the opposite wall. The finishes were hideous, and the couple had two different ideas of what would fix it. He wanted a “car wash” shower and she longed for a freestanding tub. How would it all fit?

The Story...

The vision when design started...

The footprint of the bathroom would stay the same, but the shower would be significantly larger. It would also have every kind of showerhead—but with a digital control pad instead of multiple knobs. The bathtub would stand freely in the center of the room, opening the back wall for wall-to-wall custom cabinetry.

The Vision

Design focused on how to fit each desired amenity into the space without overcrowding. The tub was moved to the center of the room next to a floor-to-ceiling glass pane containing the shower. It looked more open than ever before. The shower bench came gracefully through the glass to provide a small shelf alongide the tub.

And here's how the solutions look...

The timeless selections throughout this primary bath were the icing on the cake. With a shock of blue tile on one wall and around the centerpiece tub, the neutral colors throughout the rest of the space looked even more brilliant with the slick, black plumbing hardware gleaming on top.

The Results

Every feature the homeowners dreamed of was added to this breathtaking bathroom. Custom design work stretched from the wall-to-wall cabinets to the next-generation shower experience. There was even a flatscreen TV installed where it could be viewed from the tub or mirror, but never from the next room.

The Project Gallery

Get a walk-through with our President, and see what this custom bath opens up to in the "Entertainer's Paradise..."

From the client's point of view...

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