Trust and communication are key in our process and ensure a smoothly-run remodel. With more than 26 years of experience, we’ve built our Signature Process for remodeling projects that starts right here.

Signature Process

We believe that clear and consistent communication is the key to a smoothly-run home remodeling process.

When you first call our office, we want to learn about your remodeling goals, and of course we will be asking a lot of questions! At the end of our call, we will then set a consultation time to come to your home to review your project in more detail.

At this meeting we will discuss:
     •  Your needs
     •  Your vision
     •  Your timeline
     •  Any special considerations
     •  And, of course, answer all your questions!

We then explain how we work, and at the end of the consultation we’ll decide if we’re a fit. The Signature Experience is all about you trusting us and feeling confident about your decisions as we move forward!

Signature Design

This is where the fun starts! We take extensive measurements of your home and find out more detailed information about your family, your lifestyle and what you expect out of your remodeled space…the LOOK and FEEL are oh-so-important, but so is the upkeep and maintenance! We’ll take it all into account.

One of our designers will accompany you to make all your selections, including making the necessary appointments. This insures that the right products are selected for your home and your budget. We’re here to recommend and guide you to the best design options based on how you live your life and how you want your home to look and feel.

How long does this phase take? That depends on how big the project is, how often you can meet and how quickly you can make decisions!

Once we have all the selections made, you will come to our office to go through the 3D design…YES! You will actually be able to see all the selections you’ve made in your new space! Since most people are not that visual naturally, this is our way of making sure our vision is also YOUR vision! And best part is that we can make changes right there on the screen so you can see the different options available to you.

Our clients have found that this phase makes the remodeling process much more enjoyable and stress free. We figured it all out before we ever start demolition, and you know exactly what will be done and how it’s going to look.

During this phase we also develop a detailed project scope with a final construction price based on your exact selections.

Signature Remodel

The Signature Remodel process starts as soon as your construction agreement is signed! The Signature design and production team will meet to speak with you at your home before construction begins. We go over your project in detail and answer any questions you still have.

After all that planning, you can sit back and let the Signature Remodel take place! Our team will provide you with daily progress reports, and you can rest assured that you will have the cleanest and safest job site that we can provide.

Whether your project takes a couple weeks or several months, it is well worth the effort…your dreams will come true and we will be thrilled to have you as part of our Signature Family!

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