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Priorities in Kitchen Countertops

Priorities in Kitchen Countertops

You want to tackle your kitchen remodel like a pro. You want the right fixtures, the right look, and the right feel when you spend hours and hours there over holiday parties and visits.

You want to prioritize like a pro, too…and make the right choices. For most of us, that’s why we ultimately HIRE a pro. But, what does this prioritizing process look like? What are some of the considerations that contractors help you take into account to get this exciting process done right? What details are even the most important?

Of course, your remodeler can help you get ALL this figured out…but priorities still have everything to do with what each homeowner really wants.

These days, more homeowners than ever are focusing on building out what they’ve always dreamed of in their kitchens. Remodels are being based more and more on how each homeowner will choose to use their space. This is truer than ever in the case of countertops.

 So…where are your priorities?

What, in general, are homeowners’ priorities in countertops?

In 2016, these were what homeowners were typically choosing countertops based on:

  • 72% were choosing for look and feel
  • 53% chose for durability
  • 38% chose easy-to-clean surfaces
  • 25% looked for stain-resistant
  • 21% prioritized cost (yeah, it finally appears here)
  • 21% looked for heat-resistance

How many of these do you relate to? Which priorities would you add?

There are just as many priorities as there are homeowners who are ready for new countertops…but THESE have been the overflowing responses from all the remodels surveyed last year, and into this one.

More than ever, kitchens are being remodeled with a defined style. Most homeowners are opening kitchens up and upgrading to a more modern feel, and a project of this size ALWAYS has a long, hard look at counter tops along with it…

The sum of many projects

Kitchen remodels are the sum of what are often individual projects…which is how they can get overwhelming, and are often mismanaged without careful consideration of your priorities for each individual piece.

Start by thinking about the projects that are really going to define your kitchen…in look and in function. What are they?

  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops

Now…what’s the biggest difference between countertops and the others? Easy: FUNCTION. More than either cabinets or walls, your countertop has to suit your lifestyle…can it support your style of cooking? How dirty does your counter tend to get? Do you need to use counterspace to rest hot pans?

However, a majority of homeowners still agree that look and feel have to be a top-notch priority above just about anything else…because, when someone walks into that kitchen, your countertop will play a leading role in defining the room’s lasting impression.

Matching your top priority in today’s options

Once you have your priorities straight, THEN you can start picking materials. There are a ton of popular options today, but if you’re with the majority of us that need to get that “look and feel” right (even if the cost is a little higher), there are some amazing options to start with that win out in “look” every time.  There are many options…but we’ll hit on some of the “top” ones here…

Granite is one of the most popular options for those homeowners searching for that perfect look and feel. With over 3,000 color choices available, you can have the beauty of granite with exactly the shade you need to complete your perfect kitchen remodel.  Granite is also seen now in many finishes other than just polished…matte, brushed, leather…these are gaining popularity quickly, just remember these “special” finishes also come with a higher pricetag.

Wood countertops are more popular than ever before, with today’s craftsmanship and product quality allowing you to choose exactly the grain that completes an “unusual” but gorgeous countertop surface. There aren’t the same number of options as with granite, however if you find the look you LOVE…you can re-sand and re-seal as needed to keep that timeless look you adore.

Quartz is now starting to be more commonplace.  This is a man-made product and needs no maintenance like a “natural” countertop.  When quartz first hit the marketplace, it was much more than granite in price, but as it has gained popularity and the range of colors, it’s coming down and is much more competitive in pricing.  It is also a GREAT alternative to natural marble…just keep in mind the more it “looks” like marble, the higher price it will be! We are starting to see quartz come in the finishes like granite…but granite is still leading innovation with finishes.


Marble is one of the hottest trends right now in countertops…but buyer beware.  If the grape juice box is left on the counter…with some spillage, you’ll have a grape shadow.  If someone cuts a lime or lemon on the counter and doesn’t wipe it up, it’ll etch the finish.  Don’t get me wrong.  Marble is beautiful, but it takes extra care and maintenance and understanding that it’s a very soft natural stone and will “patina”.  Also, marble, since it’s so popular, is running at a higher price as well.

Quartzite is another natural stone option and comes in some beautiful muted shades, much like marble.  However, it is even softer than marble and will leave water marks.  It typically also runs on the high end on the price scale.  Again, it’ll definitely “patina”…but if you’re looking for something that you aren’t going to see in every other kitchen, quartzite could be your answer!

Tile is one of the least expensive options for counters…but truly, who wants all those grout lines and how will the edge be finished out?  This is probably one of the least popular options and truthfully, we haven’t done this option in probably 20 years.

Laminate has come a LONG way.  This is definitely one of the least expensive options available…and now!  WOW!  The colors LOOK like natural stone.  There are sinks that you can now undermount with laminate!!!  This is a big game changer!  However, if you’re going this route, make sure you get a fabricator that has done this many times before!

Concrete is another great option…but to do it right, it is going to be on the higher end of materials.  And make sure you find someone that has done this before…you don’t want to end up with cracks, flaking or staining!

Recycled Glass is an AWESOME option!  The colors are AMAZING…however so is the price!  The great thing about these counters is that are very sturdy and can be customized for any type of look!

Talk to us about YOUR priorities and we’ll help you prioritize your kitchen products, and choose the features that make your perfectly-prioritized remodel a reality!

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