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Our 5 Favorite Bathroom Light Fixtures

Our 5 Favorite Bathroom Light Fixtures

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day. It’s where you find yourself in your most natural state. And for some, it’s the only place to get alone time.

Whether it’s your special morning routine, your long-awaited soak in a hot tub, or your evening getting ready for an event in front of your stunning vanity, your bathroom should serve your EVERY need and desire.

For some, bathrooms are just bathrooms…a bleak space where they take a two-minute shower before dashing out to the streets.

What a lost opportunity to bring DAILY joy into your life!!

Our 27 years of experience in the remodeling industry have proved that people who WANT and VALUE improved living conditions never skimp with the design of their bathrooms.

When thinking of redesigning or remodeling your bathroom to make it more functional, lively or life-improving, you need to pay attention to your lighting. This is a detail that will make a BIG difference in terms of use and aesthetics.

This is because your lighting is what makes your bathroom come alive, giving you the scene you imagined while playing out the life that feels right.

Check out how lighting made a bathroom come alive in this bathroom remodel

Where do you start? How do you pick the best light fixtures for your bathroom to create the bathroom scene you envision?

Keep reading to learn how…

Our 5 Favorite Kinds of Bathroom Light Fixtures

1: Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are designed to make your bathroom vanity come alive. These come in sets and serve to complement your bathroom’s main lighting and enhance its ambiance.

They also must be installed right (in number AND location) to properly illuminate your face when you use the vanity.

Vanity lights come in different designs and with varying brightness levels. One thing you want to remember is that your vanity lights should be bright enough to illuminate your bathroom’s vanity area, but not too bright, so as not to flood the area with excessive light.

Here’s a Moen bathroom vanity light fixture in brushed nickel from Ferguson’s, which is particularly beautiful. Getting inspired? You can start your bathroom remodeling journey by browsing through their collection!

2: Bathroom Wall Sconces

Bathroom wall sconces are a type of light fixture that’s directly mounted on the wall. Wall sconces—if carefully selected and mounted—will give your bathroom an enhanced glow.

At Signature Home Services, we believe wall scones are timeless…though it depends on the designs selected, AND how the sconces fit into the overall design of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are notorious for how they trap in and enhance darkness…wall sconces serve as a means of concentrated illumination. They can help you easily get rid of that stubborn darkness any bathroom big or small.

When selecting wall sconces, ensure your selected design is modern and steers clear of trends, because trends fade fast. You also want to be sure it fits perfectly into the overall design style and FEEL you want your bathroom to evolve into.

When strategically placed, wall sconces can give your room a patterned illuminated design, too, which further enhances the beauty of your bathroom.

3: Bathroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not your everyday bathroom light fixture…however, they’re known to bring color and class to a bathroom when chosen right.

Chandeliers have always been associated with luxury and class…and a chandelier in your bathroom is enough to turn any master bath into a luxe spa!

Scores of beautiful chandelier designs run through your mind, but many of them aren’t suited for the bathroom. Right? That’s because chandeliers are one of the light fixtures with the greatest diversity in design styles. The result? You could end up lost in the beauty of the collection, unable to select a favorite…

Lay back (in your mind) and picture a chandelier you could stare up at from a long, hot bath and love every glittering inch of it…THAT will put you in the right frame of mind!

Black and white bathroom remodel4: LED Strips

Are you picturing your bathroom as a source of spa-like luxury? Then think LED strip lights!

LED strip lights are one of our favorite light sources for design and safety! This lighting is the definition of bringing your bathroom to life

LED lights, especially set in strips along the toe-kicks of your counters, brings a cool glow that fills your bathroom floor And aside from its aesthetic benefits, this lighting also keeps your footing secure for added safety, not to mention its environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Is your “perfect” bathroom picture still a bit sketchy? This Interior Design Style Quiz will help you get an idea of the right design style for you…

5: Other Ceiling Lights

When it comes to bathroom lighting, a balance of both bright and recessed lights is what will give you the results you seek.

In most bathrooms, it is necessary to install recessed ceiling lights to strike the right balance of illumination.

Most bathrooms feature strategically-placed recessed lights in various places along the ceiling. And even though these fixtures are recessed, there are other design options to consider if you really want to play off other lighting, like your vanity lighting.

For example, this Kichler lighting mount ceiling fixture is perfect for that brush-nickel-themed bathroom.


There are a ton of things to factor in when selecting the lighting fixtures for your bathroom remodel. Other than style, you also need to consider:

  • Fixture sizes
  • Location
  • Moisture rating
  • And harmony

This could be a lot for one person. Of course, you have a picture of what you want your bathroom to evolve into…

The intricate work and painstaking details that go into making your dream bathroom a reality require the expertise of trained and experienced professionals.

Reach out to us today to get started on your bathroom remodeling journey

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