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One of the Biggest Business Decisions I’ve Made…

One of the Biggest Business Decisions I’ve Made…

It was 6:00 am and I was going to be late to the gym if I didn’t get going within minutes. I was checking my email, forwarding documents fast and furiously to my marketing assistant.

I’d already been up until 11:00 working on this project the night before.

There were DOZENS of documents that we were getting organized. And they were all for one purpose…we had decided to pursue the NARI Accreditation.


What’s the NARI Accreditation and why did I care SO, so much?

NARI, or the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, was already providing remodeling companies with “certification.” Being certified basically meant that your company was part of the national association. That much was VERY true for us already…

  • Rob served on the Ethics Committee for NARI
  • He was also the Fort Worth Chapter President for several years
  • Signature Home Service has spent YEARS judging other NARI chapter awards

NARI accredited 2019_official - Signature Home Services North TexasWe’d been involved in NARI because we believe FIRMLY in industry standards. And so…when NARI announced that they were adding an Accreditation program for remodeling companies beyond the general certification of membership, my heart skipped a beat.

This was our opportunity to make a difference in the industry. Make waves. Set standards and amplify our voice.

We’ve been HONORED to serve so many clients, and have been THRILLED to exceed their expectations. But we want to continue raising the bar, every day, and to make sure the rest of the industry sees that need.


So, there I was, sleeping six hours a night…

When I discovered that NOT ONE remodeling company in the state of Texas was NARI Accredited, that REALLY started my second motor!!

The emails started. And the search through ALL our policies and procedures took off.

In order to become NARI Accredited, we had to collect all our paperwork and documentation on:

  • Our business ethics
  • Our licensures and insurance
  • Processes for staff management
  • Business operations and financial performance
  • Our marketing efforts
  • Client satisfaction monitoring
  • Standards for staff training and professional development
  • Health and safety policies
  • And all policies on production and field operations


The final PDF we composed with all the documents showing these requirements was 388 pages long!! And the FEELING to see it all composed together surprised me…

I was proud, but it wasn’t just proud of what we built…it was proud of what we can model in the industry. This document, this accreditation…they would move the needle in the right direction for all remodelers in North Texas.


Why I knew our clients would care…

I thought, maybe it would take a little “education” on WHAT the NARI Accreditation really means. Because…even past the name recognition for NARI, I knew this accreditation would matter to our clients.

The NARI Accreditation would be one more way we could show that we are a remodeler you can rely on. We have professionals who are not only willing but trained and capable to go the extra mile. Your home remodel should run smoothly, because your happiness and even your HEALTH are on the line.

And, let’s be honest, why would you pay for any less?

With all our standards in that 388-page document we had prepared, this NARI Accreditation would LITERALLY speak volumes to the processes we’ve built to ensure each remodeling experience is a rewarding one


It was 6:15 am, and I was out the door. With a few more updates, this book of policies, procedures and practices would be submitted to the third-party NARI Accreditation board.

At the gym, I had a KILLER workout. I felt energized. Every reason why we created our business and why we’ve made the professional decisions we have had bubbled back up to the surface…

Rob and I believe in set standards. We believe in a RIGOROUS code of ethics. We believe in plans and organization, licensure and certifications. And we believed in all of this in order to build the client experience that homeowners here deserve.

Signature home services beautiful home remodel outside keller tx


June 13, 2019

The emails started coming in right after lunch. It was a Thursday, several weeks after we’d submitted our NARI Accreditation paperwork.

“Your company deserves recognition!”

“Congratulations, NARI Accredited company!”

We’d done it!! Every extra hour of sleep swapped for one more hour in front of the computer was worth it. Our submission made it LOUD and CLEAR what standards our whole Signature team work to.

Today, there still isn’t any other NARI Accredited remodeling company in Texas. We’re the only one. We wanted to amplify our voice, to give RISE and CAUSE to real standards that make a difference, in the end, for homeowners. And our voice was MORE than amplified…we’ve become the spokespeople for standards for the whole state.


Now, we’re going to raise the bar again

Every time we get a client review, we take it as an opportunity to set our standards a little higher. If we exceeded one client’s expectations, that standard of service is now the expectation for the next project. And so on…

When I go to the gym in the morning, if I break a 13-minute walking mile, are you even a LITTLE surprised that I want to break 12 minutes 30 seconds the next week?

This is how we work. And this is how we build standards that make real differences in real clients lives, one after the other—improving service and workmanship standards every day.

These are just some of the reviews that have come in since Rob and I started working on the NARI Accreditation process…and yes, we’re proud! We’re also ready to be the voice for standards in your remodel, and the next, and the next


“From the first phone call to inquire regarding their services and coordinating the schedule for service, every step exceeded my expectations. Signature Home Services is my only call for home services.”

– Marty F. in Flower Mound, TX


SHS provided us with superb planning, design and workmanship. We are completely satisfied and have already started a kitchen renovation project with them. All who worked on our project were punctual, polite and kept the work area clean. They clearly communicated timelines and project progress. Overall, they do great work and we highly recommend them for a home renovation or remodeling project.”

– David C. in Keller, TX


“Signature Home Services provided a complete project plan and calendar for our work in advance. We were able to follow along during each phase. We received good advice in product selection and are very pleased with the work that was done.”

– Martha and Don R. in Southlake, TX


“I was satisfied with the whole thing from the time that we first met them and walked through and had an artist rendition on a computer program so we knew exactly what it would like. When we got done with the first meeting we knew exactly what our house would look like. Anything we could dream up, they were ready to do.”

– Chip and Michelle D.


THANK YOU to all our fabulous clients, and THANK YOU TWICE for all of you who have left us feedback, comments and reviews! You’re the combustion to our engine. You’ve continually helped us improve.

And now, you’ve supported the ONLY NARI Accredited remodeling company in the state!! We will be proud to serve you for years to come…

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