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No-Excuse Spring Cleaning and Organization

No-Excuse Spring Cleaning and Organization

Spring cleaning and organizing can absolutely change your life. You know that. You’ve probably dreamed about a “more organized set-up” longingly in multiple rooms, or even grossed yourself out when a space gets REALLY messy.

These two things—cleaning and organizing—are obviously related, but they are NOT the same. They do share one thing in common, however…getting rid of everything!

Of course, I don’t really mean you’ll get rid of EVERYTHING, but you will have to take a hard look at your stuff to keep only the things you appreciate. Otherwise, how and when will you really appreciate them?!

Most of us are at home these days despite the spring sunshine, blooming flowers, and “normal” spring activities we enjoy around the Metroplex. And so, I have news for you: if you don’t find the time NOW to do at least a little cleaning and organizing, then it was NEVER about how busy you were…it was about not knowing how!

I’m all about making things easier for you. And don’t tell me you don’t wish things WERE easier right now!! By making your spring cleaning and organization easier, this could be one item checked off the list that will ultimately mean a LOT to you while you’re home.

So…without further ado, here is a simple 4-step look at how to tackle spring cleaning AND get organized in your home.

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Step 1: It’s ALWAYS smart to start in the kitchen

Starting in the kitchen gives you some really obvious “gimme” tasks to get warmed up in spring cleaning. For example, open the fridge. The bad stuff obviously gets tossed! Then, take a deeper dive to look for anything that’s about to go or that hasn’t been used in a while, and put it all on the menu STAT. Get creative with your cooking this week!

Next, after a general wipe-down of the kitchen and a thorough sweep and mop, you’ll get to the fun part…wait for it…your SELL list! Who would say “no” to a little extra cash?! Take a look at your smaller appliances especially, and decide what’s worth the cabinet or counter space and what’s NOT. Have you used that juicer at all in 2020? How about that rice maker? The panini press?

If you’re successful enough with clearing low-use stuff out, maybe the earnings from your sell list could even go to an appliance upgrade like a new fridge or dishwasher. What would you dare to dream for right about now?…


Step 2: The home office needs some love

For anyone working from home, you will be FAR more productive (not to mention feel SO much better) with a space that is clean and makes sense for how you use it. And no one, NO ONE will feel right in a space with that stack of paperwork you “just haven’t gotten to!”

Start with the paperwork when cleaning your home office because it takes the longest (and is that one thing we avoid like the plague).

Next, the fun part of cleaning and organizing your office is the look at functionality that follows! What could change about the space to make your life easier?


Before we continue…even working from home, you’re going to be busy. Saving time in the commute won’t do much if the kids are home right now, too! You might even be busier than ever. Maybe you’re looking at this list and thinking, “yeah, great, this is simple, but where’s the TIME?”

If that sounds about right, continue to next step to see how it’s done…


Step 3: Set the following routines

Sneaking in mini-cleaning or organizing tasks during your morning and evening routines helps everything feel WAY less overwhelming. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes, and that much can ALWAYS be done.

Based on your schedule, decide when you can fit in a one or two very simple chores. Set up which you’ll do by day of the week, or even build yourself a 30-day calendar for the month.

Queue up some music while you do it, and it will hardly feel like you’re cleaning at all! (Well, maybe…)


4: Scrub the hot-spots

When you do make lists of regular chores (or extra stuff that you can mercifully get done with the extra hour you found on the weekends), prioritize the following “feel-good” tasks that ALWAYS leave you feeling more comfortable and content at home! Those tasks usually include:



Wiping dusty surfaces down

Degreasing small appliances

Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the fridge


I meant it when I said we’ve been ALL about making your lives easier right now…in fact, we recently created a devoted Facebook group to an “Ask the Experts” campaign we’re doing with TWO other professionals (and friends) in other states! Join the Facebook group to see when we go LIVE every Saturday to answer any home questions you have!!

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