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New Wallpaper and Inspiration for 2023

New Wallpaper and Inspiration for 2023

Maybe you remember walking into a kitchen 30 years ago and seeing bouquets of daisies patterned all around you. Maybe it was a flock of geese flying around the room in perfect formation. Or maybe it was just a wallpaper trim of roses instead of molding around the highest reach of the wall…

If you remember that, you remember “Grandma’s” wallpaper.

NOW, fast forward three decades. After ALL those associations with Crockpot roast beef stewed between four flower-clad walls, wallpaper is BACK and actually trending!

Of course, you AREN’T going to see the same patterns this time around! Thank goodness…

Wallpaper today is transforming rooms with vogue colors, impactful patterns and alluring textures…the creativity doesn’t stop with the newest botanical inspirations, either, but with 3D experiences you can brush up against, let your eyes sink into, and fall in love with.


Where can you use wallpaper?

Wallpaper has seen a HUGE shift in design, style, and even applications…today, enjoy textured varieties and a whole kaleidoscope of colors and larger-than-life prints you can actually make art with.

The ENORMOUS varieties of wallpaper also mean you can use it in more spaces than ever. In fact, you can use it in every space!

Consider a daring color expression or textural experience in:

  • The bathroom
  • The bedroom
  • Powder rooms
  • The dining room
  • The kitchen
  • The home office (better than staring at flat, greige walls when you’re stuck on something, don’t you think?)

Wallpaper is having its elegant moments now, too, which is why its use in dining rooms and areas you entertain in is your new to go BOLD.

Minimalism and gray-everything are FINALLY phasing out…you can inject more COLOR and vibrance and experiential design into your home with something as simply and satisfying as WALLPAPER…in any space!!


Latest Features in Wallpaper

  • Textures: wallpapers have extraordinary textures in patterns and accents that are to die for. Look for wallpapers with tiny, raised ridges or jewels or stones twinkling throughout!!
  • Wallpaper’s variety means more investment options: different wallpaper manufacturers have different price-points for the kinds of “look” you’re going for. This does mean that the affluent homeowner can really show off some style with a designer-grade selection.
  • Large-format prints: you can work with an interior designer to apply wallpaper in a way that actually creates a work of art around your room.
  • Peel-and-stick: new wallpaper self-adhesive options make switching things up FAR easier now…you can even add an accent wall of wallpaper for one single occasion!! HELLO, holiday décor…
  • Stunning in any space: with the extraordinary variety in looks AND tactile feel, you can apply wallpaper in any room of the house. Really, any!!


Some of Our Favorite Wallpapers…

Remember all the photos from High-Poing Market last fall?!

That was one of the industry events with the BIGGEST appearances from wallpaper…

Just look at some of these “botanicals” and amazing textures…could you have imagined 30 years ago that this is what wallpaper would become?!

Here are two vendors we know and love with some stunning options, too…if you’re ready to shop?!

View the collections by Tempaper & Co.

View the collections by York Wall Coverings.

Do please share your favorites with us in our design inspirations Facebook group!!

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