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New Signature Furniture Line

New Signature Furniture Line

It’s happened. 

Our very own Robin Burrill, CEO and Principal Designer (recently recognized by KBDN as an industry innovator), is now also a furniture designer.

Our Signature collection has four clean-lined and carefully detailed furniture pieces that can be paired or enjoyed individually. Each brings an elegant, elevated look to a space and is of the level of quality that you see and feel.

Brush your hand across the solid wood of the vintner table, or sit down in that dining room chair, and you’ll feel the confidence of craftsmanship.

The new Signature Furniture Line has launched in our own “Signature Navy,” a paint color that is as timeless as it is representative of the service we most value. 

Each piece in the line is made custom when ordered, so additional personalizations are possible, too…


The 4 Furniture Pieces

The Signature Furniture Line includes four timeless selections: 

The Signature Pedestal

The Signature Pedestal is a stately, solid table with a pedestal base. Made of hardwood solids and then veneered before it’s painted, this table can act as a focal point in a space or as a beautiful complement to an existing design.

The Signature Pedestal is perfectly proportioned for a foyer, breakfast nook, or even the center of a living room. Or perhas there’s somewhere else in  your home you can “see” it?…

The Signature Dining Chair

Lean into the upholstered back of the Signature Dining Chair and feel the resolute quality of the oak solids that support you. Really settle into the upholstered seat above the gracefully tapered legs, too…

Quality feels good.

The Signature Dining Chair can act individually as a side chair or can be used in a set, in the dining room or anywhere else. 

The upholstery used is a clear cream color finished with a stainguard linen finish. It tastefully contrasts the deep hues of the Signature Navy. The fabric can also be customized to other linen colors if your imagination is picturing something even more “you…”

The Signature Vintner Table

This long, rectangular-top vintner table is pure quality…it’s pure timelessness, too…and it’s pure quarter-sawn oak.

The squared corner posts of this Signature Vintner Table frame three apron rail drawers, adding simplicity and a clear statement with clean lines and a tailored look.  

The brass drawer pulls and brass floor sockets add the accent of color you need, and they’re almost a warm “relief” from the cool navy blue of the painted wood.

This table is substantial—both in its beauty and its actual weight. With a carton weight of 160 pounds, plan now where along the wall you would slip this 78-inch-wide table. 

Perhaps a hallway? Perhaps a bedroom? You decide…

The Signature Case Cabinet

The Signature Case Cabinet is a stunning storage cabinet with adjustable shelves inside. The cabinet has a rectancular top and is elevated on six square posts, each with a brass socket flared out at the floor.

The same brass is matched in the cabinet hardware: timeless pulls installed vertically on each door. 

The four cabinet doors hide the adjustable shelves inside while also enhacing the beauty of this simple but perfectly-thought-out storage space. The two center doors are pushed out just a couple inches from the face of the piece, and the two side doors are installed flush inside the door frames, adding perpective and elevation to your look.

Painted in the Signature Navy with contrasting brass hardware, this piece can work as a well-appointed storage piece in a hallway, or can be flush against the wall in a principal entertainment area. 

The Signature Case Cabinet is made of ash solids.


The Color: Signature Navy

Signature Navy is based off a timeless navy blue called “In the Navy.” Most of you know that our company President, Rob Mathews, served in the Marines. Service is more important to him than he can say.

Service is also at the heart of our company’s day-to-day…we contact our remodeling clients for daily updates during construction…we work with clients to check off those “must haves” and as many of those “love-to-haves” as possible in every single project. It’s our mission to serve turn dreams into design, and this standard has worked for our clients and for us over almost three decades. 

Therein lies the other significance of our color Signature Navy: its timelessness. We elected a color that will always be in style, and will always be around, just like we have…always part of the most beautiful home renovations, and forever more.

Just look at these “inspiration pairings” of our blue and the furniture pieces that display it in the most stunning ways…

 View the collection and its specifications right here on our website

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