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New Favorites in Cabinet Hardware to Switch Up Your Look

New Favorites in Cabinet Hardware to Switch Up Your Look

There are two reasons why people usually want to update their cabinet hardware:

  1. The current hardware is so dated that they even hope people won’t notice it…
  2. The current hardware is so boring at this point that the idea of “adorning” the kitchen or bath with some eye candy is too good to pass up!!

If you fall into either of these camps, or even if you JUST starting toying with the idea of an update this very minute, swapping out cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to update the “look” of a space.

But you’ve heard that before. We’ve talked about how to choose cabinet hardware, and even about the types of metal to choose in cabinet hardware. What sounds even BETTER right now is a look at NEW cabinet hardware on the market and what a fresh take can do to transform your kitchen or bathroom…

Available in SO many styles and options today, cabinet hardware has gotten our attention recently…so here are some of our interior designers’ favorite picks!!

By the way—ALL of these selections are from vendors that we have longstanding relationships with. They offer only the best (which is why we work with them).


From Signature Hardware 

The Diehl Adjustable Drawer Pull is a contemporary style pull with a soft black painted over solid brass. It’s a classic look but a new release by Signature Hardware, as it now offers many finishes to choose from to best complement your cabinets or other décor…


The Beryn Acrylic Cabinet Pull provides a timeless contrast of light and dark while offering a new spin on pulls—the clear body of the cylindric design is quite see-through from most angles.


The Rodino Solid Brass Round Cabinet Knob offers four finishes, from antique brass (pictured) to satin brass, brushed nickel, and matte black. Note the width of the sphere is the same as the hardware’s base, giving the illusion that the sphere is even larger than it is. Think of these knobs as a timeless adornment to play off your cabinetry.


Love, LOVE the Andrex Knurled Cabinet Knob!! The fine texture on the pull feels good to the touch and brings just a hint of geotextural perfection to contrast the natural grain of cabinet wood.


The Andrex Knurled Offset Cabinet Knob might be even cooler than the last…it’s rare that a pull-like piece of hardware doesn’t catch on someone’s pants at some point as people breeze by, but this fun vertical design has the function of most pulls but the knob-like quality of never catching on your clothes!


From Richelieu

This Contemporary Metal and Aluminum Pull by Richelieu offers a strong yet streamlined look while providing a substantial handle for a comfortable pull. This selection is GREAT for any super clean and modern spaces.


The Eclectic Aluminum Pull offers all the benefits of aluminum (light but strong) while coming in EIGHT different metal finishes. Enjoy the brass look or go for rose cold, polished copper…your options are many, and they’re all just as elegant. Take a close look at that detail on the sides!!


The Eclectic Metal and Acrylic Knob is different than the sphyrical knob above, can you tell how? The base is wider than the knob itself, meaning if you look at it dead-on it’s like a kaleidoscope of contrasting details. Truly beautiful!


The Eclectic Crystal and Metal Knob seems unassuming, but there’s no better selection if you’re looking for TOTAL cabinet hardware neutrality. The clear class will barely distract from the wood grain and cabinet finish. You can even personalize the metal base to blend in even better with your cabinetry…


From Hafeleindia

The Bow Handle – Zinc Alloy – Straight-Edged is a design whose name is misleading. There is a straight edge glittering along the top and bottom of this pull, but the body of the pull itself is lightly bowed. This soft contrast of straight and curved, combined with the custom finish options, makes this a beautiful selection.

This Häfele Design Knob is another simple classic. The fun thing about this new release is that it was actually treated to LOOK USED (but not worn out)! That means it won’t dull after you install it…the soft black will continue to look exactly as it does!!

The Timeless Furniture Kbob is as its name suggests. This is a great selection for many kitchen styles, including contemporary, modern, and the lucky homeowner who invests in a “professional grade” kitchen space. It’s also a clean (and hygienic) selection for bathroom cabinets.


Oh, this Stainless Steel Knob!! The matt finish and darker hue makes it ESPECIALLY beautiful for bathrooms…


This “D Handle” made of zinc alloy looks flat, but then it’s not…with just a little visual intrigue, your cabinets can look beautiful in different ways from different angles.



The Amerock Esquire Cabinet Knob is ANOTHER tactile example of those textured knobs we’re loving…this one comes in MULTIPLE options, including bimetal!!


For a striking look, a little bit of “eye candy,” here’s the Amerock Carrione Cabinet Knob. This one comes in almost a dozen metal/stone combinations…


Compare the Amerock Winsome Mushroom Cabinet Knob to the other two above, and what do you notice?! This knob has a head that’s wider than its base. That gives it a SUPER sleek and elegant look…and in your choice of metal finish!


One more classic pull for you, the Serene Center-to-Center Handle Cabinet Pull. This timeless beauty also comes in almost a dozen finishes, but what else do you notice? The body is a little wider than the edges. This makes what would be a “basic” pull something a little more interesting on the eyes…


And how about this SUPER geometric Amerock London Center-to-Center Bar Pull?! You have SO many finish and metal combinations to choose from on this one, some with contrast and some with a totally uniform look!!


Have a favorite? Please tell us about it! Start the conversation with us on Facebook…

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