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New Energy Requirements for Your Modern Home

New Energy Requirements for Your Modern Home

There’s no denying that what used to be a future-like feature of living just a few years ago has now become…

No, not “commonplace,” but OUTDTATED!

Do you remember how extraordinary it was to carry thousands of songs in your pocket on your first iPod? That’s old news, now.

How about that recent re-resurgence of 3D movies in theaters that have gone wild?! 3D feels downright nostalgic for anyone over 35…

Other short-lived technologies from not that long ago included the first “jaw” style headsets for cell phones, MapQuest, and the rage of burning mix CDs.

Consumer technology and electronics in the home have outpaced even our wildest imagination. Who ever thought we would replace “clap on” lights with something like a smart light bulb?

Today, if you want a home that combines LIFE-IMPROVING features with a timeless design, the craftsmanship and technology have finally come together to make that possible.

New comfort and convenience…new safety…new standards of what life at home can be are now integrated tastefully into our space. This isn’t the Jetson’s home. The homeowners who have adopted new tech-powered conveniences are getting the perks in a big way.

About 37% of U.S. homes have some form of smart home device now. That’s not everyone, but that does account for about 54 million homes in the country.

It’s Not JUST the “Smart Home”

Aside from the rise of smart-device-run homes, your personal energy consumption has most likely increased. A lot.

Look at it this way: how many personal devices did you own five years ago? How about ten years ago? Today, you most likely have:

  • Your cell phone
  • Tablet
  • PC or laptop for your home
  • And another from the office
  • Oh, you have a work cell phone, too?
  • Maybe your kids’ devices are double yours…

Beyond tech-related devices are the very rooms of your house, like the your spa-like bathroom with features like a jet-powered shower, a hot tub, or a steam shower…then your kitchen appliances big and small, your digital thermostat, your security system and digital doorbell, your wine cooler, the air conditioning, home heating, even your window technology…and the goes on…

And how about that world-saving electric car?! Yeah, that consumes its fair share of energy too!!

Everything about a modern home is about living a better life with new conveniences and comforts, each with benefits ranging from greater health to max security. However, the brunt you bear is heightened energy consumption and problems that were UNIMAGINABLE a decade ago, like not having enough outlets in your kitchen island!

Living in a high-tech neighborhood means your neighbors’ homes most likely consume as much or more energy than your home does, too.

Just last year, there was a 4.2% increase in the average electricity bills paid by U.S. households. And if the reports on increasing gas and energy costs are anything to think about, electricity bills won’t see ANY downward trends anytime soon.

It’s not just about the money you spend, either. What happens to your food if the power goes out and your fridge dethaws?! What happens if homes and grids aren’t prepared for the new energy demands with all that technology? Just remember what happens to local communities, like after the 2021 storm...

The solution? Design smarter and more energy-efficient homes that meet your needs while also giving you the full living experience you CAN get from your home today. Really, why would you get all those devices, appliances and “smart” selections if you don’t even have the convenient plugs to use them at?!


kitchen counter in signature home services remodel with pop up outlet charging stationDesign for How and Where You Use Electronics

How many small kitchen appliances do you think you’ll have plugged in at once over Thanksgiving?

Who works on homework at the kitchen counter?

Do you need your e-reader handy in the tub?

How about a smart speaker reciting directions to you in the kitchen?

Where does the family lounge and charge their cell phones?

The electrical plan of primary living spaces (bathroom, kitchen and family room) MUST follow the patterns of your use. Just think of the days at the airport BEFORE there were charging stations installed…we were walking whole terminals just to look for a random outlet, THEN we might even stand around for 20 minutes or sit on the floor to wait while a device charged…

But now, just like airports have charging stations and outlets along the toe kicks between seats, your home’s electrical plan should be built around where you use devices and appliances, and should also plan out to integrate outlets seamlessly into the scene.


Energy Requirements


Get A Whole-Home Generator

One important way of ensuring you meet your energy requirements no matter what is to install a whole-home generator. Thanks to its alternative source of energy, your generator won’t rely on the same energy source as the power grid in the case of a natural disaster or storm.

There are several types of whole-home generators…make your choice based on the size of your home and your average energy consumption. If you have kids or work from home, for example, your energy requirements will probably be greater.

Consult an expert you trust when shopping for home generators, especially with most of the best models on back-order in the current manufacturing market.


Opt for Energy-Efficient Appliances

The most important way long-term to significantly reduce your energy consumption and electricity requirements is to opt for energy-efficient appliances.

One good way to identify energy-efficient appliances is to check to see if they have the Energy Star logo.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, products with this Energy Star logo have met the highest quality standards for energy efficiency.


You shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure and convenience and lifestyle returns that come with owning and living in a modern home. And neither should your energy bills suffer for it! All the information above can help you balance both.

Take stock of your home’s current appliances to gauge where you could consume better or more conveniently, starting with our Home Inspection Checklist.

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