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New Appliances – Which Finish is Best?

Most of us can remember when Harvest Gold and Avocado Green appliances of some 30 years ago, when those brightly colored appliances would be in our homes a very, very long time.  What we all can also remember is how quickly these colored appliances would tire in our homes.

Buying an appliance is a big investment in your homes decor, and making sure that it will stand the test of time is a big decision maker when choosing them.  (or mothers or grandmothers were trying to be very trendy unfortunately this didn’t work out and they were stuck with them!)

So which finish is best? Well this is a personal decision based on your decor but lets explore the choices and what makes one different from the other!

Stainless Finishes

Stainless Steel finish is by far the most popular of the finishes.  The consideration when choosing this finish for your appliances will depend on your cabinets, but on a whole this finish will blend perfectly with most any cabinet you have currently or are looking to change to. The other benefit to stainless is that if you are only buying one appliance to blend with your other appliances, generally stainless will blend nicely with your other products.

Will you be staying in your home forever? Will you be moving in the next few years? These are questions that should be considered also.  If your plan is to stay in your home and have no intention of moving then this is your personal choice, what you like and what you feel will make you happy in the years to come.  If your plan is to move in a few years, picking Stainless as your finish for the appliances will be a huge selling point as this is generally what buyers are looking for.

Stainless Steel finishes on Appliances are more expensive and the price does fluctuate with the type of stainless finish but overall the investment in stainless will prove to pay for itself overtime.

Black Appliances

Black Appliances are a great way to not have that matching look if you do not like it. Black will go great with Stainless and based on the color cabinets you have you may be able to have both in your kitchen.  Using both of these together will give you a trendy look and add some depth to the room.

This option primarily is lower in cost for the appliance and could keep your costs down when updating or remodeling your kitchen.

Color Appliances

This is not your mother or grandmothers kitchen ! This option is also not for everyone!  Look at this, its unbelievable and very trendy and can’t be ruled out.  What a statement you would be making in your home, no one could walk in and not be wowed at your creative, daring spirit!

Some things to consider when thinking about color in your appliances:

  • Color dates appliances and can quickly give your kitchen an outdated style. It’s great to have a trendy kitchen, but over time, you may want your appliances to age without notice.
  • When one of an appliance pair needs replacing and that color is no longer available, you’ll have to settle for mismatched appliances or also replace the companion appliance.
  • If you’ve decided on a particular color, is it a color you can live it, for 5 – 10 years or more?
  • Does the color blend with other long-term colors in your kitchen, such as flooring, countertop and tiling.
  • Colored appliances are generally more expensive than white or variations of beige or cream.
  • Do you consider this your last appliance purchase?

Which Finish is Best for you?

This is a personal decision for you and your family, hiring a trained interior design professional could be the answer to all of these questions when deciding what will work best for your needs and wants now and in the future!

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