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[GALLERY] National Kitchen & Bath Month

[GALLERY] National Kitchen & Bath Month

Can you remember 1982? (SOME of you might be too young…but a lot of us can remember!) How about those 1980s kitchen and bathroom designs? It’s already been 40 years since those heavy wood cabinets and tile countertops dominated. The country-style kitchen was very, very big. And OH, the enormous ‘80s microwaves!

However “unsubdued” kitchen and bath styles might have been in 1982, a good thing happened for kitchen and bath design that year—the National Kitchen and Bath Association established October as the “National Kitchen and Bath Month” for the first time.

But, why these rooms and THIS month?


Why October? And why the kitchen and bathroom?

It’s already upon us—the season of family gatherings and FOOD COMAS. For many families, October is the perfect time to update kitchens and bathrooms before the holiday traffic comes piling in.

In fact, this is the busiest season for home remodeling and interior design. Holiday visits helps explain part of that big RUSH to get projects done.

But, why the kitchen and bath? You’ve probably already guessed…these rooms are going to get a lot of use over the holidays, so it’s October when many families get the last of their needed updates, remodeling and handyman work in.


How do you celebrate Kitchen and Bath Month?

Of course, most people celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month by upgrading, remodeling or otherwise giving their kitchens and baths a once-over for quick fixes. There’s truly no shortage of ways to IMPROVE your living spaces. Similarly, there’s an endless list of reasons why you should…

The type of improvement you elect will depend on your budget, schedule and end goals. Are you already clear in your mind on all three of those factors?

To get to the bottom of these essential questions, you can…

  • Ask yourself honestly, what part(s) of your kitchen are you dissatisfied with?
  • Same thing for your bathrooms—what are you dissatisfied with?
  • Ask your family! What are they dissatisfied with?
  • Check out Houzz and Pinterest…bookmark what you like, love, need and want.
  • Take a trip to a home design store to see what’s new.
  • Call me for case-specific advice…

If you’re thinking more about smaller things like handyman fixes, maintenance or updates, identifying your priorities can be as simple as asking yourself which fixes will have the biggest impact. How about those old light fixtures? Will energy-efficient replacements brighten your space, beautify it AND save you money? Triple win!

How about that shower head? How would you like the perfect water pressure for a divine shower to start each day?…

Or what about new cabinet hardware? That’s one of my favorite fixes that, frankly, can do WONDERS for any kitchen or bath.


Mid-range changes

Perhaps this isn’t the year for a big remodel, but at the same time NO amount of small fixes will leave you satisfied coming into the holidays…

You can consider other significant changes that don’t tear down walls. These will be some of the most feasible updates to schedule and get in before the holidays, too.

For example, re-facing or retrofitting your cabinets allows you to install pull-out shelves and other appliances. This not only updates the LOOK of your space, but enhances its efficiency and use right in time for holiday feasts and visits.

Updated appliances are another way you can update style and utility at the same time. You’ll recoup a small portion of the cost right away, too, because today’s appliances are exceptionally efficient in BOTH electricity and water use…


The fun part of Kitchen and Bath Month is allowing yourself to dream. The anticipation of any update to your MOST USED spaces in the home (the kitchen and the bathrooms) is enough to put anyone in a great mood…you can bring your home into the twenty-first century if it needs it, or you can make updates that refresh and inspire.

In other words, you can feel really, really good about showing your house off when the visits start.

And the anticipation can start now. Take a look at some of the recent kitchens and baths we’ve done to start flowing with the inspiration…

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