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Making the Difference…in the Details

Making the Difference…in the Details

Are you tired of the “old look” of a space in your home? Staring at the same walls for too long will feel tedious to anyone. Are you in need of a fresh perspective? Who’s to say you’re stuck with that old style, anyway?

Do you fantasize about that warm, fuzzy feeling of being totally and completely in love with your home?

Maybe you’ve been stuck between remodels, or waiting to budget an upgrade…or otherwise just indecisive about how to go about it.
Walking into a home you love fills your heart with the essence of comfort and charm. Your eyes positively glitter as you scan the décor that defines you, and you take a deep breath every time you sink into the armchair that felt made for you.

This month, in light of the “lovey dovey” sentiments, we want to help you fall in love with your home. You might be falling in love with your home all over again, or for the very first time.

Whether you’re ready to fall in love will depend a lot on whether you’re up for a remodel or stuck in between them. Read on to learn how to matchmake with fixtures and features no matter what your situation. We’ll give you a hint…it’s the details that make the difference.

Tips to make the difference if you’re doing a remodel

1. The number-one way to make a difference through the details during a remodel is to choose the fixtures the right way. Finding the “right” fixtures means looking with the right criteria—it’s not just quality, and it’s not just cost. It’s choosing the fixtures for your lifestyle so that your spaces are practical and livable for YOU.

Pro tip: Making these choices with your interior designer by your side is a luxury we boast for our clients. Always favor the designer who will go with you to shop and select fixtures!

2. Cost vs. value has a couple of meanings when it comes to remodels. First, you have to compare the end cost with how a fixture or furnishing makes you It’s worth it if it makes the difference where you end up falling in love with a space…

3. Cost vs. value is ALSO a careful examination of your bottom dollar for the quality you expect. For example, DeWils cabinetry is a highest-quality product that our clients have selected time and time again. Not only does the quality of their craftmanship extend the life of your cabinets, but their warranty has made the difference for clients falling and staying in love with spaces all over their homes.

For example—we recently had a client who needed a fix to a cabinet, and all we had to do was call DeWils. They sent the part to us, and we went out to fix the cabinet for the client. This quality of work, beautiful product and killer warranty weighs into cost vs. value as the love elixir that keeps you enamored with your home for years.

4. Function…ALWAYS think function! One big thing we’ve done that clients have loved is to open homes up so that the whole family can be together. SO many homes are closed off, which just doesn’t work for the function of families today. Opening your living area up is just one example of putting function at the top of your priority list to truly fall in love with your remodel…

Tips to make the difference if you’re between remodels

OK, yes, we know—not everyone is on the verge of rolling their sleeves up for a major remodeling project. But there ARE other things—other details—that make a big difference. You can fall in love with your home all over again by making any one of these smaller updates.

Here are some of the details that can have you “feeling the love” in no time!

  1. Color, color, COLOR! Even if you’re not ready to paint a space, one of the big 2018 trend predictions we started the year with was sticking to neutral tones…but adding color in little pops of accent. This means…that new piece of furniture can be upholstered in that vibrant shade. The trim in the bedrooms can be painted a new, rich and enticing color. An updated backsplash in the kitchen can be loud and proud…whatever it takes to add the shocks of color where it’s needed!

  1. Lighting isn’t just to “see better” if you’re…*hehem*, getting older. Lighting is also a game of eye candy to decorate any room or area. For example, LED-backlight mirrors in a bathroom COMPLETELY change the composition of the space. And a new chandelier, or switching can lights out for LED, are other quick-fix ways to utterly change a space…and turn it into an environment you actually want to spend time in.

  1. Add a little texture! If you’re not ready for a remodel, do you need to replace the barstools in your kitchen? How about touching up the facing of your fireplace? A new texture might be calling you…you just have to feel it out.
  1. Are you feeling trapped in the old, but just can’t see a paint job or major fixture update happening? One of the most productive ways to update a space and “fall in love” with it is to invent a new organizational scheme. Start by pulling everything out of a cluttered or ugly space, then reward yourself with keeping half of it. Find new homes for the other half…or toss it.


With less clutter, you’ll be able to completely re-do your organization in a “problem” space. And, believe us…this makes a fundamental difference in whether a space is “lovable.”

We’ve mentioned a few tricks of the trade, ALL of which we’ve rolled out for our own clients. It’s always our goal that a client feels totally and utterly in love with their home after we’ve come in—take a peek at our recent projects on Houzz.com to see how that’s panned out!!

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