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How to Make the Most of 2022 Home Remodeling Month

How to Make the Most of 2022 Home Remodeling Month

It’s that time of the year again…when we’re all sent back into FULL consciousness of how we want to remodel our homes!

The “before and after” posts…the selections inspirations…the live project updates…

It’s Remodeling Month, y’all!!

Maybe you already feel you’re “overdue” for a remodel, or maybe you just want a refresh. Maybe you’re expecting a new family member in your home or are just SICK of your “makeshift” home office (now that remote work is around to stay).

…You might be dreaming up that remodel to reach a look or feeling you desire.

…OR you might be dreaming up that remodel to undo some of the inconveniences of a less-than-perfect space.

There’s a right way to put your dreams to good use, you know…keep reading for a walk through all the ways you can make the most of Remodeling Month this year!!

Dream Based on Desired Outcomes

The most important outcome for your remodel is something you should have crystal clear in your mind.

  • Are you trying to build a flow and feel of a space to support your routine or lifestyle?
  • Are you trying to create a look that echoes your likes, loves, and desires?
  • Are you trying to maximize space or functionality?

There’s a process to determine the outcome AND how to get there. And the process starts with you…

  1. List out the things you must have
  2. List out the things you want to have
  3. List out the things you would have if you won the lottery!

With that clarity on features and selections, your desired outcome will be clearer, too.

Next, take that outcome to your renovation company. They will take it and plan out the steps to get there.

remodel Process by signature home services

It helps to dream up your desired outcome with the people you live with, too. Your wife, husband, children…this will help reduce the stress of having to think about everything…and, you get to come up with outcomes that’ll give every family member something to look forward to.

Look at the state of your current home. Do you love it? Or does the mere thought of stepping into your living room, or kitchen, or bathroom give you a sense of “blah” or disappointment?

The thing is, you can always tell if your home still gives you the right “return on enjoyment.” You just have to be truthful with yourself about how your home makes you feel, versus how you EXPECT it to make you feel.

This is the genesis of dreaming up your desired outcomes for a home remodel!

Easy, Fun Task This Month: Consume Content

Curated content is an inseparable part of your home remodeling journey.

Sometimes, it’s an inspiration. Other times, it’s a means of narrowing down what you want.

Perhaps you saw one of our Would You Rather posts on Facebook, for example…

Not all content will be good content, though. Even less of it will be relevant to YOU!!

During this Remodeling Month, consume content from trusted resources. Watch videos of remodeling processes and outcomes, read reviews and comments from local families, read up on helpful remodeling articles, check out pictures

Something as quick and easy as following Signature Home Services on Facebook and Pinterest will help you stay up-to-date with the right content, ESPECIALLY this month.

See all our #RemodelingMonth content

The Commitments You Need to Make

One thing that’s often unspoken during pre-remodeling is the commitments you have to make.

Yes, even this early!

For starters, decide whether the space (or spaces) you want to remodel will be a “facelift” or “full-gut redo.”

You’ll also need to commit to an approximate budget. That budget will determine how your design-build firm is able to allocate your funds and dreams! The right company won’t pressure you to change your budget if that’s not in the cards; they will simply help you decide what to prioritize of everything you want based on what’s realistic.

To make the most of this Remodeling Month, start with these core commitments before speaking to a remodeling professional.

Just look at this before and after bathroom remodel as another example…

It’s Not Too Early to Speak to a Remodeling Company

“When should we start speaking to a remodeling company?”

If you at least have your “first draft” of your commitments, it’s never too early to speak to a home renovation firm. Many families make the mistake of kicking tires, but the time you spend on Pinterest or elsewhere with no clear direction is an expense, too.

It will be better—and SO much more efficient—to speak with a remodeler.

A remodeling firm such as a design-build contractor won’t even want you to come with your own drafted designs! That’s part of what they do. If you come with a design already, your design work is then duplicated because the design-build contractor will have to review the other design to make changes that don’t match with their standards.

Signature Home Services is the first and only accredited remodeler in Texas, so our standards are steep. This means that any design brought from outside our firm has significant changes.

Design-build professionals will also lead you by the hand through the rollercoaster of emotions that might come your way, always with your desired outcomes in mind…

Have any other ideas on how to make the most of Remodeling Month?! Check out the Remodeling Month activities we’ve lined up for you on Facebook…

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