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Move over, 2020 navy blue!

Sherwin-Williams just announced the NEW color of the year for 2021. Is it too soon? I don’t think so…especially if it means we get this beautiful first look at Urbane Bronze.


Described as grounded, meditative and serene, this deep and bronze-metallic grey is CERTAINLY soothing. I can picture myself in a bedroom at twilight, the blinds pulled down, with what little is creeping in of the glowing sunlight bringing out the natural warmth of this color…I could positively wrap myself in that feeling!!

We could all use a little more serenity after this year, don’t you think?

What do YOU want 2021 to bring? You can shape some of what 2021 will mean to you by electing the right paint colors for the rooms of your home. Because…when it comes to colors, there’s well-studied psychology at work that can be applied to bring you the calmest, most secure and HAPPIEST 2021…you deserve as much!


The importance of paint color

The paint you put on the walls of your home is about a LOT more than just aesthetics. That is, you do not elect based only on what looks attractive…how you decorate your home can have much DEEPER impact on your emotional well-being, too, and so the paint you select for you and your family has to match what you want each room to bring.

Color is considered a universal language. We just know what certain colors “mean.”

Your priority is probably to create the most emotionally healthy and supportive home for your family that you can…and color is one of the primary ways you can do that! Of course, that’s not to say that you’ll TOTALLY do away with aesthetics!! Read the article I wrote about the top three paint colors that will never go out of style, and you’ll have a great set of “go-to” color options to choose from for aesthetic reasons…

But if you are interested in branching out a little to get your paint color—AND your environment—“just right” for a serene, secure and happy new year, keep reading to see what colors will do it!!


Soothing colors

If you’re ready to come into a relaxing and calming 2021, a little color psychology could be JUST what you need to kick back and feel better…

At least a little!!

Blue, for instance, is an especially calming color. It’s cool on the eyes and on the soul. Different shades of blue have remained popular over the years in bedrooms, though it can be used anywhere in your home you routinely want to feel relaxed.

How about the bathroom, for example?!

Read more about this bathroom remodel in my “before and after” article

White is another color representing cleanliness, which leaves you with a cool and refreshing feeling.

And for a shimmery spin on that, how about silver? Shades of silver—especially when you choose the right finish—represent prosperity. If there were ONE thing that could make 2021 a much more serene year for many…it would be a little collective prosperity, I think!!


Secure colors

The two most SECURE colors out there are those that bring us closest to nature. Both green and brown are calming while also harmonious and filled with life. Green represents stability as well as balance, which can leave you feeling that much more secure in your home. Imagine your family room painted green to feel that stability while you’re all together…

Brown is similar in that it represents security and contentment.

For simplicity in a natural look, use brown and green together!!


Productive colors

Working from home for SO many people now means part of being happy and healthy at home also means being PRODUCTIVE. It’s not good for your mental health if you stop getting dressed in the mornings just because you don’t have to…Zoom calls are generally more productive when you’re wearing pants, seriously!!

A productive paint color like purple can be beneficial in the office or even in the kitchen. It’s the color of royalty, after all, and inspires creativity. It’s also romantic in the right shades.

For another take on productivity, warmer tones like red, yellow or orange can inspire conversation…so, if you want to keep people talking and interacting over the dinner table, consider a warmer paint color and you will positively FEEL the connection.


So…where does URBANE BRONZE go?

Back to the Sherwin-Williams color of the year, you might be wondering WHERE Urbane Bronze goes on this spectrum!!

If you ask me, with how rich it is, I would feel safe and secure in a bedroom with this color on the walls! Or, how about using it in the entertainment room? Let Urbane Bronze wrap you in its arms, and you will roll into 2021 with the comfort you deserve in your home…

Do you have a favorite color you’re considering for a space? Have you already taken our interior design style quiz to take your aesthetics up a notch?! Let us know what results you get—start the conversation with us on social!!


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