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How You’ll Learn To Speak “Love…” Fluently

How You’ll Learn To Speak “Love…” Fluently

Remember the Five Languages of Love? 

There’s a sixth. It’s like a new dimension of expressing yourself and showing affection…

AND it’s delicious!!

Read the story of this couple and see how it all happened…


Meet the couple

Picture them…He takes more naps than before, and she’s fallen for a few new Netflix series. The kids are gone and they’re really feeling it—the house feels bigger, and they’re suddenly noticing ALL the little things around that need fixing…

Was it just the hustle and bustle of having the kids at home that camouflaged those “to-dos” before?

Whatever the reason, the kids are gone…And his and her eyes have focused on a lot of things about their house that no longer feel like “home.”

Remember the Languages of Love?

The couple gets closer to Valentine’s Day, and they’re trying to figure out what to do. It will be nice to have the house to themselves…but after years of fantasizing about what they’d do once the kids are gone, suddenly, they’re stumped!

…If you’ve read about the five languages of love or taken a quiz to learn yours (if you haven’t yet, you totally should), these were described by Gary Chapman in the ‘90s as the five ways we experience AND express love.

They are…

•   Receiving gifts

•   Quality time

•   Physical touch

•   Word of affirmation

•   Acts of service

Coming back to our empty-nesters, their indecision on what to do for Valentine’s Day is understandable! She’s more into receiving gifts…but chocolates and flowers won’t cut it this Valentine’s Day after 30 years of marriage! And he’s into acts of service, but he’s been the one serving lately as their eyes continue around the house, picking out more “honey-do” tasks…


In the kitchen, they found the solution

One winter afternoon, the couple was fixing breakfast in their kitchen. He was peeling hardboiled eggs, and she was opening the fridge to pull out the jam. Accidentally, she whacked him in the behind with the refrigerator door, and a slimy egg flew right over his shoulder to meet her squarely in the face!

And, just like that egg to the face, it hit them.

“Wouldn’t you love a new kitchen space?” She asked.

“Remember when we use to cook together?” He replied.

The Languages of Love…spoken fluently

The couple sat down and spent quality time together—some of the best they had in a while—talking about what they wanted in the perfect kitchen.

They shared words of affirmation as they admired one another’s ideas, each one bouncing off the next.

She did the act of service of contacting several remodeling professionals and vetting a short-list of the best candidates.

And he made the gift of charging the consultation fees to his “fun money” account.

And then…they designed something beautiful

Weeks later in their newly remodeled kitchen, the physical touch the couple shared as they swept around the space cooking and cleaning together was ELECTRIFYING. Everything had a place, more space had been opened up, and new appliances were sparking their most inventive inner chefs.

As for their Alexa installation, forget about it! Alexa DJed their favorites from college, and in short time it was more than just the stove top that was steaming.


This couple celebrated Valentine’s Day with the ultimately language of love: the kitchen. We all gather around food, and we always make home where we can nourish one another.

We gift with food, we enjoy quality time over a meal, we rave about the dishes our loved ones do best, and we help with the cooking or the dishes wherever we want to show love!

And the physical touch—whether a movie with dessert or the full-belly cuddling in bed that night, is truly a language we love to speak…

“Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.”

– Audrey Hepburn


Can you imagine it?

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