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Hot Interior Design TRENDS from Market…

Hot Interior Design TRENDS from Market…

As we come into fall, the last of 2021 trends are hitting stores while manufacturers dream up the BIG reveals for 2022…

Some of those new trend reveals started to peek through in the products I saw at Design Market last week. The trends we started the year with have been complemented with new takes…and other trends are clearly fading out!

Here were some general design trends I noticed…

  • Textures right now are BIG
  • Decorative mirrors in design continue to grow in popularity
  • Blue is still big, but green is getting bigger
  • More “glam” looks are coming in

Enjoy this gallery of some of the photos that really show these new trends off! And see if you have any of the same reactions I did to some of these selections…


TREND: Green over blue?

Green (in several shades) could be seen all over the showroom…this cool green is pretty, isn’t it?

Blue continues to be a HUGE trend, though this was the last of the super bright tones I saw…a darker, almost black blue is coming in stronger now.

This chair and the cart below it go together…nice Chevron pattern with a clean contrast of color, don’t you think?


TREND: Not-so-heavy metal

It wasn’t a super-dominant design trend, but I did see a lot of metal and metal-like materials…especially on lamps and light fixtures.



A very decorative mirror, this clearly isn’t designed for looking at yourself!! This kind of décor has been gaining popularity for a while…now check out my recent article about what mirrors reflect about your design style!

Textures really are EVERYWHERE. How many different textures do you see in this photo??

I kind of can’t stand this beehive thing…but if it’s a look you love, you can TOTALLY claim it as your own. It could be the focal point of a bedroom, perhaps.

These beads don’t float my boat, either…they would be IMPOSSIBLE to clean! If this lighting speaks to you, though, this is a uniquely elaborate bit of hanging eye candy!!

More faux metal here, and more textures…all HAND-PAINTED, how cool is that?!

Compare these to the lighting selections I saw at Market last year…


TREND: Style and GLAM

Someone was having a LOT of fun when they designed this chair. 😆

I LOVE, LOVE this chair! What a pattern, and what COLORS!

YES, my dress matched the fabrics!! Those fabrics also go with the chair I liked so much, too…


TREND: Side tables GALORE

This side table DEFINITELY makes a statement. 

And how about this interesting way of storing your magazines?! This side table has a little touch of “1960s-gone-2021.”

Back to those textures again!!

If you weren’t jazzed by any of the side tables above, how about this enormous selection?!


TREND: Glam vs. Function

What do YOU think of these flower fixtures?? If you love them…remember, this is the kind of trend that dates itself fast. If you can switch light fixtures out often, though, and absolutely adore these, go for it!

Below is a table that goes with the lights…

ANd how about these new PILLOW STORAGE prongs?! A lot of people at market thought these were horrific…but I can see the practicality to them! Especially in a room where you regularly tear down a couch that folds out into a bed for guests…

The bench-coffee-table below is interesting, isn’t it? What do you think of that contrast in textures?

As for this chair…it’s architecturally very interesting, but it definitely won’t be the chair for Sunday football!!

Easter basket hanging light, anyone?!

What’s your favorite selection in the view below?

For even more design finds, check out this recent article about 12 selections we fell in love with!


Bland…but necessary?

So…as soon as I walked into this final showroom, I was hit with “bland.” If you are in the market for neutral selections, however, you’ll definitely find them here.

There are still other design trends present in these products, bland though they might be…just count the number of textures in each scene below!


For some inspiration of your own, be sure to check out the most recent edition of our interior design and remodeling magazine!! 

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