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If You “Can’t” Remodel Right Now, Here’s What That Really Means

If You “Can’t” Remodel Right Now, Here’s What That Really Means

We all face barriers to the things we want to do.

We also all have a quiver of excuses when, with just a little creative thinking (or more effort than we’re ready to give), we could make just about anything happen.

But how do you know when you’re facing a barrier and when you’re making excuses?!

That’s a complex question with a more complex answer than one article can unpack! We do know a thing or two about the barriers that homeowners face with renovation projects, however…and we know what barriers are real and which are really saying something else about your priorities or creative problem-solving.


So…what are the top barriers stopping someone from a remodel?

Kitchen remodel by Signature Home Services with custom cabinetry

We ALL have improvements we want to see in our homes.

…Maybe the kitchen is overdue for a full-gut remodel…

…Maybe the living room furniture needs to be re-upholstered…

…Maybe the bedrooms ALL need an interior designer’s touch…

There ARE barriers that we face in getting projects done. It’s not that you WON’T do your project, either…you just can’t do it NOW.

At least, that’s what you think.

Here are the top reasons why a homeowner “can’t” get a project done:

  1. Your budget just isn’t there
  2. You’re expecting guests and can’t have total havoc in the house now
  3. Your dream project is still too abstract and you don’t have a real plan yet
  4. You don’t have the time now to vet contractors and get bids
  5. You’re thinking about moving instead

Maybe those are barriers. Maybe they aren’t…

NO decision that we make in life is black or white. Did you know that?

Yes, you COULD “do it” or “not do it.” Those are two black or white choices.

But what about…

  • Doing it differently
  • Doing it later
  • Doing it with help

There are more choices than we realize, even facing a huge barrier to undertake a sometimes-overwhelming project like a home renovation.

Here’s what your reason NOT to remodel might really mean…


Your budget just isn’t there

Everyone has a budget. The budget isn’t the priority for everyone because some homeowners have a lifestyle or look they really want, and the price tag comes second to that. But still, there’s some number that a homeowner wants to have ready to cover the renovation costs, materials, and a contingency before starting a remodel.

Even the most affluent homeowners, though, might plan on paying for their renovation in cash—and if the cash flow isn’t there at the right time, then it could put a hard “stop” on a remodel.

If your budget isn’t ready right now for whatever reason, then that’s telling you that your budget is SECONDARY to something you value more. What you really want is for your “dream space” to be just so, and you insist on having the necessary budget there to make that project happen exactly that way.

You don’t want to change your expectations.

You don’t want to save on certain selections in order to splurge on others.

You want it the way you want it.

That’s great to know! It means you now know your priorities now. So keep saving, move things around if you need to, but once you are ready for your project know that the selections and look you’re dreaming of will be worth it, so cost will no longer be a stress.


You’re expecting guests and can’t cause total havoc in the house

At the time of this article, it’s understandable that the holidays are on people’s minds!! It’s true that any period when you’re hosting is NOT when you want to have construction going on in your home.

It’s hard enough to feed your own family while a kitchen gets redone!!

There’s something else at work here, though…if you find yourself facing this barrier because so-and-so is coming, what you’re REALLY saying is that you’re overrun with other plans and that you aren’t ready to think about that big project yet.

This is critical, though: start THINKING about that project now. If you have any project that requires new appliances or cabinets, the lead time on those will be months in most cases.

Start the conversation NOW with the design-remodel team you trust. Get deep into the design process, even as far as the renderings and selections orders. You can start breaking down walls whenever you’re ready, of course after the holidays…but getting the rest of the work done now will put you exactly where you want to be when the time is right.

And what a great topic to talk about over those holiday visits!! Can you imagine showing a 3D rendering off over dinner?!

remodel Process by signature home services


Your dream project is still too abstract and you don’t have a real plan yet

If you know you want to remodel but you don’t have a real plan yet, it’s easy to see that as a barrier. How can you move forward or even talk to a professional if you aren’t sure yet what you want to do?!

And how about that Pinterest and Instagram inspiration-saturation?! That doesn’t help…

What you’re REALLY saying here is that you’re overwhelmed. You either have too much inspiration or not ENOUGH, and what you know needs to get done is still a fuzzy picture in your mind. You don’t have a vision yet.

This is EXACTLY when you talk to a professional. Talk to a design team that can ask the right questions and extract your needs and examine your lifestyle to make the recommendations you’ll love. Get guidance now. Don’t let this “barrier” slow you up.


You don’t have the time to vet contractors and get bids

If you have an idea what you want to do, then it’s time to talk to professionals.

But…what kind of professionals? Do you start with an architect or designer first? How do you choose the right contractors? How do you compare apples-to-oranges bids from contractors who all have different processes?

Answering these questions takes TIME, and in this busy world it’s easy to think that you don’t have enough of it. You probably are short on time. That feeling is real.

What you’re really saying, though, is that you don’t know where to start. How can you really appreciate whether you have the time to vet professionals if you don’t have a system to vet providers? How do you know what time it will take?

GOOD NEWS: We have a resource to help. Download your complimentary copy of the ebook Guide to Choose the Perfect Contractor


You’re thinking about moving instead

If you’re even toying with the idea of moving within the next five years, this is not only a barrier but a CAUTION if you have a remodel on the mind.

A real renovation is not just about the return on investment (ROI) because you’ll never recoup all of what you invest. That’s why a renovation has to be crafted for you and catered to your lifestyle and likes…because your return on enjoyment is an equally important take-away as the ROI.

That said, if you’re thinking about moving within the next five years, your return on enjoyment has an expiration date.

If you’re putting off a remodel because you’re thinking of moving instead, what you’re really saying is that you aren’t in love with your home. It doesn’t feel like it has enough potential that one perfect project could totally enamor you…

In the end, that’s only for you to know. Look at EVERY space in your home objectively using a walk-through remodel planner and see what would really have to be done for you to absolutely adore it.

Remodel Planner Free Download


You’re not trying to be dishonest with yourself when you face barriers, you see them, and they feel real…

Sometimes, though, we see big decisions too black and white. There are other ways you can make your dream home project come true. There are other timelines, other solutions, and other values at play.

Ask yourself what your top “barrier” is. See what that really means. Then look around your home and decide what steps really come next!

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