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Ideal Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Ideal Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Spending time outside? In North Texas…in the summer?

Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, a heat sponge or an A/C addict, our community has some incredible summer weather. Yes, it gets hot. It gets too hot for words. But, as long as you have a porch, patio or yard, there is an untapped space at home that you can maximize to the greatest effect.

And we’re willing to bet you haven’t thought of even half of what we have to suggest…

Unless you plan on major landscaping or installations, most of these tips come down to design. You don’t have walls and beams to think about. There’s nothing load-bearing. It’s just you and that space, ready for you to apply your design charm.

Relaxing in the backyard.

Don’t be shy about talking to an Interior Designer to help inspire you for your outdoor spaces…allow yourself the luxury of getting a little excited and working with someone who can give you the options and insights to design something you’ll really look forward to!

For any homeowners who wish they had more space, don’t forget that we have the open-ended (literally) option of building social areas in the beautiful North Texas outdoors of our yards. If you’re worried about the 110-degree heat, these spaces can still serve in the evenings, so…

Picture this…

Just imagine it—the kids running off steam, you with an open bottle of wine, and just enough bug repellers scattered around to keep everyone in the tranquil hush of the summer night (without thoroughly over-perfuming the air).

This is your space. This is your home. And yet the yard is the one most underused asset on just about everyone’s property.

We want you to get the most out of it all. We want you to invite more people over and celebrate the summer one sultry night at a time. And so, we’ve put together these tips to get the wheels turning. It’s our job to inspire you, so come with an open mind and start to picture how you can create the ideal outdoor space…

Gathering of friends on a summer evening.

4 Signature tips

  1. Allow yourself to keep your style

Outdoor furniture style has come a LONG way, so it’s not just a choice of one wicker color or another when you start to shop anymore. Allow yourself to transpose your style from your favorite entertaining space inside to the great outdoors. Favor the same modern look, or the same vivid colors—whatever you love most. We guarantee you can find the outdoor furniture to suit it.

Colorful outdoor furniture.

  1. Don’t be scared to take indoor items outside with you

Of course, you can always take things back in if they aren’t suited for staying outdoors all the time! But truly, consider toting an item or two from inside out with you when you set up your space for guests. This trick can be especially handy with candle lighting…actually, when it comes down to it, candles are our favorite way to avoid more complicated (or blinding) light sources for your outdoor space. Mood lighting will always win us over!

  1. Create a focal center point

It’s true—the two biggest reasons to set up a space outside are either to enjoy the outdoors (if you’re that kind of person) or to make extra space for the host who feels cramped inside entertaining. For many of us, moving outside is strictly a social call. So…make your outdoor space best suited for guests and candle-lit conversations by including one central focal point that everyone can sit around. Think about a small fireplace or other heater, or a table for coasters and drinks.

Backyard patio with lots of seating options.

But remember, take your style with you! If you go for the patio table, don’t just pick “anything” with four legs. Have fun with the choice—make it a focal point you’ll like looking at…

  1. And remember…it’s always an excuse to grill

    Family having a barbecue party in their backyard.

If you want to really use your yard as a social space, be sure you can actually socialize! Being trapped in the kitchen while your guests chat and drink is a timeless toil of the hosting homeowner…so take the kitchen outside! Grill to your heart’s content this summer and class that cookout up with your cushy new furniture and central focal point to gather around. Skip the plastic plates and make your cookout a real night of luxury with your fully-prepared space.

Signature tip: Even putting a little design work into your porch, patio or yard can also give you the excuse to throw the windows or doors open in the morning when the day starts, and maybe even finish part of your routine outdoors! The air won’t be so hot, so no worries about the A/C bill…you can close up when you leave for work and flip the air conditioning back on for that cool arrival home in the evening.

These outdoor spaces can be game changers for an asset you already have. It’s just a matter of carrying your style outdoors. You can have fun with it—and please, please don’t be scared to enjoy it!

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