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HVAC, Condensation, Humidity and Spring Storms: Everything to Know

HVAC, Condensation, Humidity and Spring Storms: Everything to Know

We’ve finally fully shifted into the awesomeness of spring! Along with the many blossoms and much sunshine (AND humidity) that come with spring in Texas, there are also some home system requirements you must be HYPER aware of.

On the one hand, you love the beautiful scenery and improving weather that come with the spring weather, don’t you?

…But on the other hand, you’re playing CONSTANT tug of war with your thermostat as you try to get the perfect temperature each day…and there’s also the possibility (too recently a reality for some) of a tornado.

Spring in Texas presents one of the most unpredictable climates in the country. Still, you’ll probably agree that spring remains one of the most energizing and enjoyable times of year!!

Now, once you adequately prepare for springtime, you’ll have an even better and more memorable season.

So, what are the things you need to know about your home in the spring? Let’s take a look…

What to Expect (and What Action to Take) Come Spring

Your Home Will Become Significantly Warmer…FAST

As unpredictable as the weather in Texas during springtime is, one thing is certain: we’ll start seeing days of warmth and humidity that quickly grow uncomfortable. The inside of your home will get SIGNIFICANTLY warmer during this period as the sunshine hits your windows and outer walls.

Also, because you’re coming fresh out of winter, your thermostat will be set for other conditions altogether. …But springtime does more than just cue you to turn the heat off—you actually have to tailor your home’s HVAC system to the weather conditions.

You’re essentially preparing for two things:

  1. The rise in external temperatures and hours of sunshine
  2. And possible rain

And get this: most of Texas sees greater levels of evaporation than precipitation during spring. This means that you can benefit in an even bigger way from a programmable thermostat to regulate your HVAC system, just as—quite literally—the spring humidity rises! This will protect you and your family during springtime snaps of warmth and coolness.

Prepare for Possible Texas Weather Hazards

Thunderstorms…hurricanes…flooding…tornadoes…Texas is a natural-hazard-prone state, especially during spring. And this doesn’t even include wildfires!

Coupled with spring’s innate unpredictable nature (and its two-faced weather), you must plan ahead of as many of these weather hazards as you can.

Here are some essential tips to do just that:

  • Make sure your home is properly and comprehensively ensured, not just against flooding, but also against thunderstorms, hail and any other types of Texas storms.
  • Stay up-to-date on the weather conditions and forecast as they’re broadcast across the state.
  • To the best you can, ensure your home is not directly in harm’s way. Are there fallen tree limbs from last winter? Are your gutters clean and flowing freely?
  • One final way to specifically prepare against flooding and thunderstorms is to follow the Red Cross’s Texas-specific safety and preparedness articles.

Create Your Home Inventory

This suggestion might surprise you, but it’s truly advisable to have a home inventory of your most valuable belongings and investments. This is something you can update each spring to help in the unlikely (but serious) case that your home and belongings were damaged in a weather emergency.

With a home inventory, you can keep not only the value but the state of your belongings to know how best to insure them and to organize your priorities if any of them had to be replaced.

Updating your home inventory can also get you started on your spring home check-up to check the state of the systems and finishes in your home. If you’re looking for where to start an inventory and home check-up, start with these 10 easy tips for spring cleaning and home check-ups.

And remember, regular cleaning is the easiest ways to avoid dirt-induced complications in your home…including in your water system, air conditioning and air ducts, paint and finishes, etc. 

Check for Spring-Related Maintenance Issues

Spring background with fresh green leaves.

Every season has its own maintenance matters! In the springtime, maintenance problems usually stem from damage accrued during winter. These issues range from a fallen tree to damaged windows, to a faulty HVAC system, or even a faulty sprinkler systems.

To get your yard, the integrity of your home exterior and all your internal systems up to scratch, find the team of trustworthy professionals you can go to for comprehensive service. This will help you get home maintenance issues resolved quicker.

Not sure how to check for these maintenance issues in your home? Read through our comprehensive list of the 8 Best Home Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Another good practice when preparing for spring is to create a pre-spring home maintenance plan. To have an even more enjoyable spring season, go so far to create a plan that predicts the possible maintenance issues you could encounter…and how you’ll solve them. Be sure to include the costs and timeframe to resolve them, too.

Need more guidance on how to create your spring maintenance plan? Learn how to go about it in this article


It’s true that ALL seasons have their advantages and come with their challenges! However, spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons with so much charm that you deserve to enjoy ever minute…especially after enduring winter!

How has spring been for you so far? Is your home in good shape? Find out how your home ranks on the maintenance scale using our intuitive and easy-to-use Home Check-up Scoresheet!!

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