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How Well Do You Know Mom’s Design Style?

How Well Do You Know Mom’s Design Style?

Before you buy ANY décor, furnishings, or other home items for your mom for Mother’s Day, ask yourself…how well do you KNOW your mom’s style?

Even if you can picture your mom PERFECTLY in each room of her home, you probably associate what she HAS with what she likes…but how do you find her something new that she’ll love, too?

Do you know—REALLY know—your mom’s interior design style?! Do you know what she needs? Wants? Would love to have but would never buy herself?

Before you botch a well-intended gift, share this article. Maybe even Mom doesn’t know how she would describe her style!! We’ve been in business for more than 25 years…so we’re no strangers to defining personal aesthetics. Most of the time, it’s easier to look at photos and RECOGNIZE what you like than it is to try to describe it.

To see JUST how well you really know your mom’s home design taste, send this article to her RIGHT NOW and give her a call!! If she has five minutes, you can make it through this exercise. Go through these photos together, and you tell her which photo in each set you think is more “her.” She’ll tell you where you’re wrong, and you’ll have a HUGE insight into the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year!

To read more, check this article out.

Start here…

Answer thinking of your mother’s preferences. Would she like the design of the top or the bottom photo more? 











Would she like the design of the top or the bottom photo more?

Tell her what you think she would LOVE in the top or bottom photo…


And how about this one—left or right?

Is there somethign that catches her eye?

Top or bottom?!

Where would you hangout with Mom?

The first bathroom or the second one?…

This one should be easy…

You’ve got this one—left or right?

BIG difference here!!

Top or bottom?…

Yes, they’re both beautiful, but which one is her? 

The top kitchen or the bottom one?!


Now that you’ve made it through…what did you learn? What do you think Mom needs at home, or would really LOVE to have? Maybe it’s décor, maybe it’s some kind of furnishing. Maybe it’s a handyman gift card to take that “honey-do” list down to size! We even had a client gift his wife a remodel

If anything, taking the time to share this and ASK Mom about HER likes and HER style gives her the gift of your time…and a little adoring attention!!

Tell us what your plans are this Mother’s Day, and tell us how well it turns out YOU knew Mom!

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