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How to Work with Us for Your Interior Design and Home Furnishings Needs

How to Work with Us for Your Interior Design and Home Furnishings Needs

If you’re thinking about the interiors of your home, you have a specific desire.

  • Maybe your dream is to update your space to a style you love.
  • Maybe it’s to repurpose and rearrange to make the space more comfortable.
  • Maybe you’re updating your home with guests and entertainment in mind.
  • Maybe you’re just SICK of the look and want to make the space interesting again.

Signature Home Services’ interiors projects transform dreams into design. Our CEO and principal interior designer, Robin Burrill, has a lot to say on what that has looked like for dozens of different clients.

Working with Signature Interiors means working directly with Robin. Our larger design team includes a phenomenal interior designer (Robin’s protégé) and a cabinet design specialist, plus a Purchasing Manager with a pulse on all selections in the market. The design team, however, focuses on our design/build renovations orchestrated in unison with our production team.

To manifest the stunning, unforgettable interiors you desire, there are several ways to work with Robin through Signature Interiors.


Full-Service Interior Design

Signature Home Services offers full-service interior design where Robin guides you through absolutely everything. From room measurements to 3D renderings to the delivery and installation of your selections, full-service interior design leaves you feeling pampered.

Interiors projects involve many moving parts that clients often don’t even know to anticipate! Robin believes her clients shouldn’t have to learn every step that’s required, either. Instead, she feels it’s about the experience that she leads them on where their only focus is putting into words the look and feel they desire.

Some of the elements of a project that Robin handles for interiors clients include:

  • Material selections
  • Fabric selections
  • Selections sourcing
  • Furniture
  • Re-upholstery and refinishing
  • Décor and artwork
  • Entertaining spaces
  • Organization and storage
  • Floor plans
  • Staging
  • Drawings and 3D renderings
  • Window treatments
  • Repurposing
  • Accessorizing
  • Deliveries and installation



Strategy Sessions

Whether you need an expert opinion on something small or live outside the Keller, Texas area where Signature Home Services is located, you can work with Robin through video strategy sessions.

Imagine walking Robin around your home while you “unpack” all the expectations you have for your space.

These sessions are fabulous for specific projects where smaller updates are needed. For example, schedule a strategy session with Robin when making window treatment selections. (Robin is the only local Graber Blinds dealer, and her knowledge of window coverings is deep.)

Robin can also answer questions about technology and future-proofing a space, as she is CAPS certified.

Recent press quoted Robin on voice control, for instance, specifically on its use in futureproofing. She describes making several updates to her own home (which her mother visits often), and explains: “[My mother] isn’t the typical client who would ask us about the technology, but in my experience, any client with parents like [mine] express gratitude later for the improved quality of life and peace of mind for their loved ones.”

Read the full article where Robin is quoted on Forbes.


See the Results for Yourself…

Just look at these STUNNING projects where Robin guided clients on some of the most important design elements:

  1. Accessorizing
  2. Entertainment spaces
  3. Fabrics
  4. Floor plans
  5. Furniture
  6. Refinishing
  7. Storage
  8. Décor and artwork
  9. Windows


Entertainment spaces


Floor plans




Décor and artwork


Contact Robin today to discuss your dream for your interiors, or join the private community on Facebook for weekly insights from Robin with trends, inspiration and more.

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