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How to Stage and Set Up a New Home

How to Stage and Set Up a New Home

So…the search is done! And what WORK (and luck) went into finding a home in today’s market…

And now, you’ve signed! The time has come to think about moving in.

You can hardly explain how you feel…a tingle of joy with a deep sense of fulfillment. That feeling doesn’t settle entirely, though, until you’ve fully staged and set up your new home.

When you set up a home and fill it space-by-space, it comes alive and gives you the REAL return on enjoyment you wanted when you embarked on your search.

Whether it’s a new build or a new-to-you home, it’s a HUGE life event to move in and set up!

  • On one hand, you have your belongings from your old home. Your furniture, artwork, keepsakes…the things you’ve come to love. These are the things that define “home.
  • On the other hand, you have all the amazing stuff you’ve planned for your new home!

How do you effectively set up so that every room uses both old and new seamlessly?

Keep reading to see how…

7 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Home

Balance the Old and the New

So, you’re moving into a new home. Not everything in your new home, however, has to be new itself.

Remember that home is more than a place: it’s a feeling. There are some things from your old home that you’ve grown to love.

These are the things have become indispensable for you. In fact, they form part of your definition of home!

For example: as your designer will likely suggest, big spaces don’t have to be as stuffed full as your old living space. One of the top reasons why we move is because we need a bigger home, right?

So, if you are upgrading in size, use as much of your old furniture as you can in a more open, minimalist-inspired setup in your new home.

Of course…you will need new things, too. Some new furniture, for instance, will replace pieces that are NOT worth lugging anywhere…they’ve seen the end of their days! Other new furniture purchases will be pieces better suited for new spaces.

Want help selecting new furniture? Here’s how to make the best furniture selections…

Get Your Window Treatments Right!

When setting up your new home, one of the things that quickly gives a stunning sense of design and “hominess” to any space—and resists the “too-empty” newness of a recent move—is your window treatment selection. When you finally pick your window treatments and get them fully installed, you’ll feel like your move is complete and you’re home at last.

An interior designer who can guide you to the right window treatments will be truly concerned about the quality of the craftsmanship as well as the features of the selection. You’ll be asked questions like:

  • How much light protection do you need?
  • Do you have pets or small children?
  • What window technology do you like?

The quality and selection of your window treatments will then be personalized to your needs. Custom window treatments are the only option that meet every personal need without costly modifications. That’s why we recommend Graber to our clients.

Want to get your window treatments right? Here are 12 fun ways to dress windows

Essentials First, “Eye Candy” Later

When setting up any new home, inspiration overload is pretty much a given.

There are SO many things you see that you like…on Pinterest, in the store, in your favorite magazine…

Add to that all the things in your old home that you plan on taking along, and you never realize that the selections you’re making are décor heavy or won’t even match.

When it comes to items you plan on moving with, get honest with yourself about which things you hardly ever used or touched. It’s specifically when moving to a new home that you can get more critical about what gets donated, sold or left behind.

When it comes to buying new stuff, there are rules to follow. Namely: stick to essentials first, then move to “eye candy” décor and frivolities once you’re TOTALLY staged.

Artwork (and Personal Photos) Bring Your Home to Life

Artwork and personal photos should be top of your list when you do get to the décor phase.

The reason is simple: whereas store-bought décor is fun to fill a space with, it’s your personal collection of photos and art that brings your home to life.  

Once you stage your furniture, the biggest frames go on the walls first. Remember the key 4 different ways to hang wall art.

When In Doubt, Consult Your Interior Designer

There are a lot of things to be doubtful about when setting up and staging your new home.

As soon as you open that Pandora’s box of real questions for real staging in the empty space, the doubt piles on.

Whether it’s your first or third home, each new space comes with new experiences. Perhaps you bought a bigger home this time…or you have some smart home installations you want to incorporate into your layout…

The one common truth for every family moving is that you want your new set up to be an improvement! You’re moving for a reason. Don’t make avoidable mistakes as you stage for your new lifestyle.

It’s expected to feel doubtful about some things…so NEVER hesitate to call in your interior designer. A professional can help save the day, relieve you of the stress, and see things from a savvy perspective.

Interior designers are trained to make the most of your interior spaces. Tap that resource to make your new home everything it should be!

Use the Right Colors to Set the Right Tone

Woman selecting color for wallColors go beyond your wall paint selections. Colors will be all around your home! From your curtains to your bedspreads to your utensils, you have some big (but fun) choices to make.

Colors matter because they set the tone for how people (including you and your family) will perceive each space in your home. Colors also set ambiance and aesthetics.

Have you ever stepped into a home and felt welcomed?

Ever stepped into a home and felt like staying for as long as you can?

The color selections are a big part of that!

You can prioritize your color selections in terms of their permanence. In other words, start with selecting the paint and appliance colors…these are more permanent choices. After that, the items you accessorize with can change with the seasons (or your taste) since they can be switched out so easily.

Design to Your Taste

This might sound cliché…but some clichés come from universal truths!

Make decisions that fit YOUR taste and style. Not sure what your interior design style is? Take our quiz to find your design style instantly!!

Most of us will naturally veer to the choices that fit our “likes,” but occasionally we get swayed by passing fads…


Setting up your new home is an exciting and fulfilling thing to do. However, it can take time…and cause more than a little strife!

Often, it takes time you just don’t have! Speed things up by making selections effectively and efficiently an interior designer. Working with an interior designer comes with added perks like maximizing the use of your space, gaining savvy perspectives, and keeping stress at the doorstep of your new home.

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