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How to Show Your Home Your Gratitude

How to Show Your Home Your Gratitude

Showing your home some love usually means taking good care of it in terms of home maintenance, cleaning, and that LONG “honey-do” list. And yes, I recommend you do all of that!!

But it’s November, the month of giving thanks, and there are some far more FUN ways to show your home some gratitude this year.

I’ve written about fall and winter home maintenance before…more than once. And now, I’m digging into some surprising and extra-special things you can do for your home (that end up being special things for YOU, too)!

Seriously…you know that kind of gift that you give your spouse that’s sort of a gift for you, too? Like that movie projector, or the vacation plan…showing your home gratitude gives you the same thing. It’s a win-win.

Don’t leave your home out of the Thanksgiving shows of gratitude this year! Try any one of these five special ways to show thanks (or maybe try more than one), and you will feel just as grateful you did!


1: Get in a home purchase you’d be EXTRA grateful for

Give your home a gift…and make it one you’ll be grateful for, too!

I recently published a list of the best home purchases for fall this year…whatever you “gift” your home from that list won’t feel like such a splurge if it’s literally the BEST time to buy it!

For example, how about gifting your home something special to cozy up the yard?

Or how about a new appliance, right in time to make holiday cooking more a gain than a pain?

Most of the time, when we buy home furnishings or décor, the line in our head goes along something like “I need this,” or “we need this at home.” But if you shift the internal dialog to seeing it as a gift you can give your home, you’ll feel a whole new level of satisfaction! Trust me…


2: Fix a décor quandary

A décor quandary means something that’s been bugging you. Maybe it’s that too-narrow entryway, or the kitchen that can NEVER have enough storage…

Your home has its quirks, and some of them are structural and will require MAJOR overhauls to fix. But if you have a “thing” in your home’s decoration that just doesn’t sit right with you, why not fix it now?

Sometimes, these “icky spots” are the very same spots that are DIFFICULT to decorate. Show your home some gratitude by devoting the needed attention to turn that space into one you love.

Need help with décor or design? Talk to us about our interior design services, including edesign you don’t even have to get off the couch for!!


3: Create a book of your home

Picture it…you create a sort of scrapbook or journal-like collection of photos of your home. On each page, you jot down little memories of things that happened in that very spot, and encourage your family members to do the same.

Then, in the back of the book, you have a “visitors log” that you can add even more pages to over time. Friends and family who visit are able to not only leave a little note, they’re also able to peruse the pages and learn what memories are precious to you in every space!

…And if you DO notice things you’re not a fan of (as you go space-to-space taking photos), jot them down in our Remodeling Planner. Even if they’re “later” projects, writing them down together will save you a lot of head-scratching when you try to remember again!!


4: Upgrade your windows

I LOVE this idea! If your eyes are the “windows to your soul,” then your windows are the…well, WINDOWS to your home’s soul!!

In case you didn’t know, we can also tell things about your personality based on the window treatments you have…check it out in this video. If you learn that your windows say something you don’t like, or that you just don’t relate to, that’s a sign that you can show your home a little gratitude by way of upgraded window treatments. Talk about a great reason to upgrade or update!!


5: Give your home a check-up…

Yes, I did say that gratitude comes in the form of “gifts” for your home (and not just routine maintenance), but there are still those things you don’t KNOW need fixing.

A truly meaningful way of saying “thank you” to your home is to figure out what those things are BEFORE they cause problems. It’s like taking an Alka-Seltzer before you hit that Tex-Mex restaurant…walking through for a whole-home check-up before something ruins your holiday spirit will be something you’re grateful for later!

You can use our Home Check-Up Worksheet to do it, too.


6: …And, OK, make sure that routine maintenance gets in, too!!

OK…this one is a bonus since I really did want to focus on those other ideas…but when it comes down to it, one of the best ways to say “thanks” to your home is by ensuring that essential, routine maintenance gets in.

Here’s a cheat sheet to get you started…it even has some holiday to-dos!


How will YOU show your home your gratitude?! Connect with us on Facebook to share!

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