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How to Prioritize Your Home-Related Resolutions

How to Prioritize Your Home-Related Resolutions

handyman installing oven in kitchenAbout 60% of the country make New Year’s resolutions each year.

…But by the first week of February, over 80% of those resolutions have fizzled and died!!

“Is it always about self-discipline?” Some might think that. And sure, if your goal is getting to the gym, then maybe self-discipline has a lot to do with it.

If your goal, however, is knocking out a long list of improvements and even renovations in your home…then other LOOMING factors can be to blame.

To give yourself the best shot at creating the feeling in your home that you really want, what should you prioritize in home-related resolutions? What projects are “worth it” for a much deeper reason than budget or timing?  

When you look around your home, it’s hard NOT to notice those things you want to change…

  • The kitchen isn’t designed for the way you cook, the flow is totally messed up!
  • The bathroom finishes are outdated…and you can’t really relax there.
  • The family room isn’t equipped for your new TV, smart speakers or other devices…
  • Your whole electrical system needs a do-over…more outlets, new outlet covers, a new pop-up outlet in the kitchen island…there are so many practical updates you need!
  • Then, there are those little fixes…the creaking stair, the door that sticks, the ceiling fan you want switched out…

How DO you prioritize all that?

Do you start small and go big, or vice versa? Or is it about seasonality? Or is it about safety?

Answer: A little bit of each, and more…and it’s easier to prioritize home-related resolutions than you think!


Start with the Right Tools

Remodel Planner_cover_Mesa de trabajo 1Before you try to prioritize anything, you’ll feel better—more grounded, more assured, more confident—once you have a FULL list of what needs to be done to feel totally “at home” in the home.

Do NOT be intimidated by this exercise of filling that list out…the list won’t overwhelm you, because you’re going to prioritize it into different “buckets.” Anything that’s in a bucket for a different time won’t even be on your radar.

Take a deep breath, then walk through your home with the walk-through remodel planner. This resource is PERFECT for any home improvements, not just renovations. The 20-page planner leads you space-by-space through your whole home. You’ll answer specific questions about the look, the condition, and the functionality of each space.

Once you have your list…you’re ready to prioritize your 2023 home renovation and home improvement projects. Here’s how…


How to Slice and Dice Your List!

So, you have a list…a LONG list, even longer than it was before. There are so many things, big and small, that you could improve in your home.

That isn’t to say you don’t LOVE your home…but who wouldn’t love it even more with spa-grade bathroom design, or a kitchen designed for the way you cook?

Take another breath and remember the pay-off here. Then, take the list you have. You’re about to prioritize it.

One-by-one, rate each item on your list using a 1-5 scale (5 being the top projects that “win” in that category, 1 being the least important projects of that category, and everything else rated somewhere in between).

You’re now going to run through your list 5 times—yes, 5! You’ll rate each project by each of the following factors…and each factor will use the same 1-5 scale. By the end, some projects might be rated a “5” in one category but at “1” in another.

We’ll get to how to total your priorities next…

  • Necessity: SAFETY and security are the top priorities in your home, so any project that involves problematic electrical or plumbing or water damange and mold gets rated highest.
  • Stage of homeownership: if you’re in your “starter home,” bigger projects get rated lower. If you’re in your “forever home,” bigger projects get rated higher. Anything related to designing for all ages (which includes aging in place) is rated higher in a “forever home,” too.
  • Time your investments: if 2023 will be a tighter year for you, then the bigger projects get rated lower. If you’re doing alright and feel financially secure, then take advantage of your position—bigger projects get rated higher in that case!
  • Plan for seasonality: if you plan on traveling in the winter and most of your home improvements have to be done in spring and summer, that’s the time of the highest demand for home renovations. Rate bigger remodels lower if you’ll be focusing your improvement efforts between March and August. If you’ll be home all year and priorities could be completed whenever the season is right, then skip this step!
  • Account for your own energy: if you have LOTS of other stuff going on in your personal life (such as an adult child or an aging parent moving in, a major project at work, etc.), prioritize the most disruptive work for before or after those landmark changes.

Once you’re done with all that prioritizing, simply score the total points for each individual project.

Then, put them in order of the projects with the highest score down to those with the lowest. Anything that’s tied gets prioritized with the higher necessity-rating first.

Ready?! Now, take the bottom half of the list and save it somewhere out of sight to look at after the first half of the year. Focus on the top half of the list first. This is a HUGE help to reduce stress and focus your attention where it’s needed.


Make a Master Plan

Remodel priorities worksheetOnce you know exactly what you need to focus on first, decide when you’ll start tacking it!

Do you know what company you’ll work with to make this project happen?

Do you know what constitutes a real renovation or facelift, or what could be done by a home concierge or handyman?

Talk to us if you’re unsure. At that point, your list of priorities is just a few dates away from a real plan that you can easily follow and stick to in 2023.

Your resolutions for your home, household and lifestyle do NOT have to get dropped like so many other New Year’s resolutions! With this one exercise, you can whittle your list down to what’s most important and then seamlessly move into a plan to do it all.

Share your 2023 home improvement priorities with us on social!!

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