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How to plan your next remodeling project

How to plan your next remodeling project

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Take this week’s blog as an opportunity to think OUTSIDE the box and make things easier for Mom if there’s a remodel she’s been thinking about…

Any remodel, facelift or home improvement will bring a boost to quality-of-life and return on enjoyment for the whole family, but where Mom has had her eyes on a specific room…or those gorgeous new window treatments…or a little “validation” on a project she wants to do…use this blog to get started!


Whether you just bought a new home and want to remodel it, or if you just want to give a fresh look or feel to the place you already own, remodeling can be an overwhelming process for anybody.

In fact, it’s overwhelming for the people ORGANIZING it (maybe you and your spouse, for example), and it’s hectic for any kids you have living at home OR guests who see the project unfurl…

And, although chaotic, the whole process CAN be more exciting than stressful, giving you the opportunity to create a home by your own wishes…

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How you can go from stress to excitement in your remodeling project

Remodeling planner free signature home services ebookMaking the decision to remodel is good, but you can’t just decide and then “hop right to it” without a LOT of planning.

Between trying to schedule your remodel so it can be finished in the designated time, plus staying on top of your budget and dealing with many other moving parts, remodeling can feel like another full-time job.

This is not impossible to achieve, though. All you need for a great execution is good planning. Get the right plan, and you’re halfway there.

To help you organize your next remodeling project, we will be offering some step-by-step tips (and resources!!) that can also help you with OTHER types of home projects as well, such as home maintenance, handyman services, interior design projects, and so on.


What’s your “why?”

Before you start with any time-consuming project, you have to ask yourself why.

Why are you doing this project? Why now?

What are your major motivations that would determine your project’s “success?”

Think hard about how you want the finished project to look and FEEL, and then work your plan out…backward!! Start by making a list of things that are a “must” for you, and think about the priorities you have in fixtures, materials and other details. Once you have the vague picture of what you want and why you’re doing it, you can move on to the next step…



This is the thing stage of any home project whose value you can’t underestimate. Everything has to be planned, and planned well, which is why resources like our Remodeling Planner exist.Remodeling planner free resource preview

Once you have:

  • the general direction of your project figured out
  • the reasons behind the transformation
  • and the must-have details

…Now it’s logical to see how to fit the puzzle of this plan into your budget. Go through the materials, fixtures and phases of the project one by one and realistically estimate how much your selections can cost.

Expert tip: Things like permits, materials, labor costs and consultations should not be forgotten. If you’re looking at this whole planning outline and thinking, “I don’t know how much things will cost! I don’t know how to prioritize what’s most important to me…and I don’t have any idea how long this will take,” then you can make your life a LOT easier by working with a professional. This entire plan, once you have the clear picture of what you want, can be drafted and drawn up for you.

And a final budgeting tip: once you do have an estimated overall budget that you’re wanting to spend, either add 10% or keep the total budget 90% under what you’re willing to shell out to account for unexpected costs. There will always be unanticipated expenses, and your project could fall flat if you don’t have this part of your plan in place.

To be even more prepared, talk to us (or whatever company you contract) to get help finding the fixtures and materials that turn your budget INTO your goal space. Also, ask our opinions about materials! Even where you’re married to a certain “look,” feel or feature, we might be able to tell you about a perfect (and less expensive) alternative you didn’t even know about…

remodeling materials based on taste raw material tips

After you have your budget really well thought out, talk to the company doing the work about a REALISTIC frame of time. Make (or have them make) an organized timeline to map things out, from day one until “done.”


The beauty of working with a professional AND a plan

Starting with the right resources like our free Remodeling Planner, then adding in a well-crafted and spelled-out plan to make your next home dream a reality, a remodel doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, when it’s mapped out for you, it can leave you with the EXCITEMENT and validation for the choice you’ve made to improve your quality of life—for you and your whole family!!

To read more, check this article out.

Bonus, get this free resource!

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