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How to pet-proof your home!

How to pet-proof your home!

Pet safety is not something to think about just when you bring a kitten or puppy into the home. Just ask yourself—can your pet be up to ANY good in the bathroom, ever?!

There are certain areas of the home that you try to keep “off limits” to your fur babies, but inevitably pets of ANY age can get into serious trouble when you least expect it. Dangers can include everything from the medicines in your cabinets to the décor on your bookshelves.

You want to ensure your pet stays SAFE, and you want to avoid disruptions at home. The key as a “pet parent” is to pet-proof your home. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start, but that’s where we come in!! Many of you know that we’re animal lovers…in fact, we have eight dogs in the office. We also know a thing or two about baby-proofing AND pet-proofing!

With these home design and organization tips we composed below, you can be more aware of hazards and keep EVERY member of your family safe and happy!!

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Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms have a few things in common…like cabinets, running water, and a HUGE need to keep the space sanitary. Consider these pet-proofing tips:

• Use childproof latches to keep curious paws out of cabinets

• Ensure any medications, cleaners or other chemicals are high up on shelves

• Keep trashcan lids secure or inside of a latched cabinet

• Check for nooks and small spaces created behind cabinets, washer or dryer units or other appliances

• Keep all food in wrappers totally out of reach

• Always close the toilet lid


Living room

• Ensure you have NO dangling wires from lamps, TVs, stereos, smart speakers, etc.

• When children’s games aren’t in use, put them away

• Move house plants out of reach if they’re harmful to animals (and if you’re not sure, assume they are)

• Make sure all your air vents have covers

• Keep sewing and craft stuff put away when not in use

• Consider Graber’s cordless lifts for window coverings (email me directly at robin@signaturehomservices.com now, because they’re having a sale)

Garage or shed

• Move chemicals to high shelves or behind doors

• Keep the floor and driveway clean (especially of any antifreeze)

• Check under the hood in the winter for animals looking to stay warm

• Keep any sharp objects or tools up high or behind closed doors



•  Ensure your fence is tall enough and in good condition

• Check the perimeter for any holes out of the yard

• Block access to the swimming pool

• Remove traps, garden nets or anything else your pet can get caught in

• Check vegetation for any poisonous plants

• To deter a pet form digging, use natural deterrents like vinegar or orange peel



• Keep laundry and shoes behind closed doors

• Keep medications, cosmetics or other chemicals off open surfaces

• Move wires (hehem, phone chargers…) out of reach


While it can feel like a lot of work and an even LONGER “honey do” list, pet proofing your home can save you a LOT of headache and heartache.

Did we miss some tips you’ve found helpful? Tell us so we can add to the list!!

If you’re interested in baby-proofing, too, be sure to check out our ultimate checklist!


Last Thursday was “Love Your Pet Day!” If you missed it, take the opportunity today to show your fur baby some extra love!

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