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How Many of These Bathroom Remodeling Facts Do You Know?

How Many of These Bathroom Remodeling Facts Do You Know?

Homeowners who decide to renovate multiple rooms—or even their whole house—almost ALWAYS start with the bathroom.

If it’s not the bathroom, then it’s the kitchen, but believe me…it’s almost always the bathroom.

This is a good call for most families, especially with the many, MANY different ways a bath remodel today can actually save you money later. Water consumption and ventilation are two BIG things that can make a bathroom more efficient and eco-friendly for the long-term…more on that soon.

There are a handful of “ah-ha” moments that I see when we first consult with clients, specifically those things that hadn’t occurred to them yet. The market is PACKED now with hundreds of beautiful fixtures and accessories, and the perfect look and feel for your bathroom remodel are literally a consultation away…so it’s natural that homeowners are thinking FIRST about these other elements of their remodels.

However, these “ah-ha” moments make for some surprising bathroom remodel facts that are TOO MUCH FUN to pass up, so I’m sharing a list today to see how many of these y’all really knew!!

The bathroom remodel “lightbulb” is about to come on, so buckle up.

1 – Bathroom remodels are protected in a special way…

Yes, a full gut-and-redo bathroom remodel will cost some money. You’ll be happy to learn, however, that investing in your bathroom is one of the BEST remodels to guarantee a high-value recoup on the cost in your home’s increased value. According to the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value report 2019, the investments break down like this:

2 – Need a bigger bathroom? Look at your windows.

You probably already know that the best-lit environments look more spacious. To brighten your bathroom to this effect, you have two options, and one might surprise you:

  • Add more lighting sources, especially station-specific lighting in the areas of your bathroom you use most
  • Update your window treatments to get better and more variable light control (letting more light in when you want it)

To read more, check this article out.

3 – Virtually ALL homeowners ignore ventilation!

Any bathroom, no matter the size, MUST be well-ventilated. All elements of the bathroom, even if they’re waterproof, will slowly degrade over time…and trapping moisture in the space will only speed up that process.

Mold, mildew and lingering odors are TRULY avoidable. You will also improve the life of your whole HVAC system with proper bathroom ventilation (since that moisture and mildew can travel through the ducts into every room of your house). Be sure ventilation is on your list when you get into your bathroom remodel consultation…

BONUS TIP: If you want to “up your game” with ventilation, consider getting a fan and timer system installed. A top-quality fan is a MUST, and you can be that much more energy conscious with a timer installed to stop anyone from accidentally leaving the fan on.

4 – Most homeowners forget the contingency…

Just about everyone spends more on bathroom remodels than they initially planned. Call it the inner optimist in all of us.

To avoid tough decisions or heartbreak, it’s crucial to plan on having a contingency. It’s easy to exceed a bathroom remodeling budget with the HUGE spread of awesome products and fixtures on the market today. A contingency of 10% will give you peace of mind and help you get the most of your priorities over the course of you remodel.

5 – You spend 10% of your day in the bathroom.

Sure, this stat will be less for some of us and MORE for others…I know my hair doesn’t exactly do itself…in any case, it’s crucial to think about this space as your sanctuary. You spend REAL time here, and you need more than function, you need that special feel to the space that makes you happy.

Remember how integral the bathroom is to your daily routine when you start making decisions on your remodel!

6 – Water efficiency is another thing ignored in most initial bathroom remodel plans.

The more water your fixtures consume, the higher your water bill. Obviously! And the more hot and cold water rush through those fixtures, the faster the fixtures themselves will deteriorate.

Everything you can do now to make your bathroom more water efficient over time will be worth it, because it will start saving you money immediately and save you even bigger over time in replacements and maintenance of fixtures.


OK—be honest…how many of these did you REALLY know before reading this article?! Start the conversation on Facebook…I seriously want to know!

It’s been many, many consultations where I’ve shared these bathroom remodeling facts and gotten funny looks or exclamations of surprise. But these tips WILL make a difference for your family, their comfort, and your return on investment and on enjoyment over time.


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