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How Best to Care for Luxury Custom Furniture

How Best to Care for Luxury Custom Furniture

Custom furniture THRIVES on the materials used to make it.

The highest quality wood, metals, fabrics and finishes create the pieces that—inside and out—speak to the quality you cherish.

Wood, in particular, remains the top material for most designers…it can be easily combined with other materials, too, especially with all the mixed material trends we captured at High Point Market this year…it can also be easily painted to any custom color.

Like any natural material, however, wood is susceptible to damage and age, as are your fabrics…and even your metal materials!

Here’s how to keep all your luxury custom furniture pieces “luxurious” longer…and enjoy the profound beauty that they radiate.


Wood furniture

No matter what kind of wood, this porous material has several crucial care instructions:

  • Dust surfaces every day with a clean, soft cloth
    • If that sounds like too much, furniture that’s regularly used can be dusted every few days…getting in and out of a wood chair will keep some of the dust from settling!
  • At least once each month (MORE often in high-trafficked areas), wipe the surfaces of wood furniture with a mix of warm water and the smallest amount of mild detergent…and be sure to wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • Do not use furniture polishes, cleaners or waxes—even though they’re supposedly designed for furniture, over time they build up as residue…and luxury custom pieces will not retain their appearance under that residue
  • Likewise, be extremely mindful of household solvents and any spilled drinks (those with alcohol or sugar, especially) that come into contact with your furniture surfaces—and clean them immediately!
  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight or too close to a direct heat source…your interior designer will help you set each space so it serves EVERY functional purpose while not putting your luxury furniture investment at unnecessary risk!!


Wood with painted finishes

This will not be true for every piece of painted furniture, but custom luxury pieces with painted wood are treated with a sophisticated finish. This lacquer is applied in layers to create a protection that can be either matt or gloss (after all, it is custom).

Here’s what to know about its care…

  • Because the finish is not porous (whereas wood itself is), a water-based liquid spill will just sit on the surface! It’s still best to clean spills up right away, though, or they will leave a mark on the finish over time…
  • While custom finishes are delightfully durable, they will age with normal use, so be prepared to refinish every five years, approximately

See what we’ve done with custom painted wood finishes in our OWN Signature furniture line


Upholstered custom furniture

Any furniture upholstery—including performance fabrics—should be brushed with cloth brushes or vacuumed occasionally. Just be sure to use the upholstery setting on any vacuum!!

There are also MANY benefits to performance fabrics that protect them from other wear and tear or spills.

NEVER use soap, ammonia, or—gasp—bleach or other cleaners designed for other surfaces on ANY upholstery.

And with the variety in upholstery available, be sure to read whatever the manufacturer provides in care instructions, too…the variety in materials requires just as varied care, especially to maintain colors and textures.


Metal furniture

Metal is used in PLENTY of custom luxury furniture today…

Just look at this new bench we designed!! White leather…pink painted metal…it’s the perfect dose of glam with AMPLE luxury to entice…

To care for metal furniture (or furniture that uses metal as a mixed material), dust regularly. Also clean at least once monthly with a damp cloth…be sure to dry with a soft, clean cloth after that.


Do you have any custom furniture pieces in your home??

…Would you want some?!

Most of us answer “yes.” Please reach out to our interior designers and tell us what you want to see! Who knows? Maybe the exact piece you need will be the next we add to our collection!

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