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Home Accents You’ll Love

Home Accents You’ll Love

Maybe everything’s bigger in Texas. But when it comes to home decorations, a little can go a LONG way. Adding home accents and decorative elements to your rooms is an inexpensive and easy way to update your home interiors—WITHOUT breaking the bank. And you’d be absolutely amazed how easy it is with a plan! The right accents will positively transform any dull or dated (or I’m-just-sick-of-it) room into the living area of your dreams…let’s see how.

We grabbed some coffee and sat down as the Signature interior design team to dish out some insider tips and tricks. Are you ready to transform your space? …Then get your pens ready, because you’ll want to take some notes.

  1. Pile on the pillows

Pillows are one of our favorite ways to bring color into ANY room. With a neutral base wall, you can swap out different accent pillows based on the seasons—or your mood! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix and match colors and textures to add a funky vibe. Or, keep it modern and clean with soft and smooth fabrics. Comfort and color? That’s an inexpensive design-win all around!

                                              Interior design

But wait, there’s more! Pillows can also add dimension to almost any seating surface. Add pillows of varying sizes to beds, couches, benches, and chairs. An easy trick to making a statement in the bedroom (no, not that kind of statement 😊) is using euro pillows. Normally 26×26, these “large and in charge” pillows really bring the bed to life. Euro pillows especially stand out when combined with  pillows of other sizes, colors, and shapes.

      2. Add depth with rugs

Most likely, the component of your space that takes up the most room is the floor. Don’t let a worn-out carpet color or a finish-desperate hardwood floor get your spirits down! Area rugs are an amazing tool that provides another fundamental element of color and dimension to any room.

Rugs are available to you in literally any shape and every size under the sun! And that’s handy, because the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember with rugs is sizing. We get so many questions about the proper size of rug our clients need for specific spaces! Honestly, it’s the perfect question to ask, and one you should ALWAYS ask if you’re even a little unsure. Getting a rug that is too small or too large will change the ENTIRE dynamic of the room, usually in a negative way. For smaller rooms, stay away from “busy” patterns. Opt for a solid, more neutral tone…this will leave even the tiniest spaces feeling light and airy!

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Another SUPER IMPORTANT factor to consider is your furniture arrangement. Your gorgeous new rug could be lost under too-tight of a placement, or even undermined by another piece in the room. When planning your furniture arrangement, make sure to consider the size of your space, furniture, and the rug size together. They sit together and stay together, and so they have to make sense together.

When all your furniture fits nicely inside the rug space or with a few inches of rug peeking out from the sides, the space grows and appears larger. This varies depending on which space you’re accenting, but the effect can be enormous. In your bedroom, your bed should be at the base of the rug so the two pieces work together instead of fighting for the center of attention.

3. Proportion your lamps

                                       Interior design

When it comes to lamps, proportion is KEY! Don’t get us wrong…we love to mix and match lamp shades with their bases for fun, super personalized pieces. HOWEVER… people tend to overlook the correct proportions. Pairing a smaller base with a too-large shade or vice versa will definitely catch someone’s eye, but not in the way you want. Don’t shy away from trying something new, but also make sure to keep sizing in mind!

                                                Interior design

Lamps can add a fun element to absolutely any part of the home. Patterned or colored shades are sure to become a new focal point in any space. And this accent provides not only a look but more mood lighting for a room. Try a black lampshade for a more sophisticated look or even a red shade that heats up the room. This is where taste comes in! Change the way your entire space looks with just a few simple details.


  1. Be careful with wall space

We’ve all heard the term “less is more.” At our office, our motto is “simple is best.” We LOVE wall decor and art pieces. Wall elements are another type of home accent that comes in all sorts of sizes, colors, and textures…not to mention meanings. It’s easy to get lost in all the choices when you have infinite options. If you want to feature your art or decorative wall elements at their best, keep key elements the center of attention. Don’t add too much clutter to take away from the art or piece itself. Your statement piece should be just that, a statement!

                                                 Interior design

Wall collages are PERFECT when done tastefully. Similar to a furniture arrangement, the difference between a GORGEOUS college and a flop is just a few inches of space. You have to balance the spacing with the number of pieces, or else it could end up overwhelming the room.  DESIGNER TIP…not sure of placement on the wall, using paper, cut out the size of the art/pictures that you want to put up…tape them to the wall and reposition as needed to get that perfect look before you go putting any holes in the wall.



Reimaging ANY space is definitely an adventure. Weeding through the different designs, costs, plans, and mapping out where things go. It can all be OVERWHELMING at times!

And then, that’s where we come in! We want to hear what’s holding you back from your home decor dreams. Then, we want to help you move from dreaming to planning to soaking that new space in.

Do you have any burning interior design questions? Or just want to drop by to say hi? Visit our Facebook page and join in on the conversation!

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