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Have you been SQUEEZED lately?!

Have you been SQUEEZED lately?!

YES…squeezed, as in felt up

I’m talking about a mammogram and self exams! Why?! It’s breast cancer awareness month.

Early detection is KEY to surviving this horrific disease. Many of you know that I’ve now hit my five-year mark for being a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR…but it was NOT easy.


“You have cancer”

Hearing those three little words…”you have cancer.” I can’t even begin to put words to the emotions that brings, how devastating it is—and not only to you, but to your family and everyone that loves and cares about you.

It turned our world upside down…

Every day I’m AMAZED at the number of people who do NOT get regular check-ups…I can certainly understand not going to the doctor at the first sign of a cold, but these exams, mammogram, colonoscopy, prostate…they SAVE our lives! These are ROUTINE exams, people.

I’m speaking from a place of having been saved, myself, from taking these regular exams seriously. I was religiously getting my mammograms ever since I turned 40…and, 10 years later, they found cancer. Even then, I had TWO different doctors tell me that the cancer had been there for about EIGHT years! EIGHT YEARS before they could actually “see” it…

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, go now to get exams…it could save your life like it did mine.


All in the family

My mother went for her annual mammogram (about one year after I was diagnosed), and guess what? They found cancer. Hers was ¼ the size of mine and mine was still considered “small,” as far as when you consider breast cancer tumors. She only had to have a lumpectomy and is on the same hormone suppressing drug that I’m on now.

As for you “guys” in the back…I can’t stress enough…it’s important for YOU to do breast self exams, too, and to get your prostate checked.  A dear friend lost his mom to breast cancer at a very young age, and his doctor has told him time and time again that he HAS to do self exams…men are not immune to this devastating disease.

Can it be horrible? Yes. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve who that have lost their battles…but for each one of those stories there’s another where someone is thriving after fighting and winning!

If it’s been over a year since you’ve had that ROUTINE exam, GO NOW. If you’re over 40 and have never had a mammogram, or you’re any age and have family history…GET SQUEEZED!

And while I’m on my soapbox…get that colonoscopy. My last friend who went at 50 was diagnosed with a rare cancer, and now she’s a survivor as well. And my brother went at 50, too, and they found a polyp—they told him that if he had waited even another year, it would have been cancer.

And guys, go see that doctor, turn your head, cough and get that blood test! EARLY detection is key…

I could go on and on about this horrific disease called CANCER…but you must take a stand in your health and make sure you take care of YOU—so you can be there for all those who love YOU and so you do NOT cause them pain…all because you wouldn’t go in for a routine exam that could save your life.

So join me…this month and every month…and urge those you know and love to stay on top of their health and get those check-ups!

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