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Have We Recently Remodeled Your Home? Learn What’s Next…

Have We Recently Remodeled Your Home? Learn What’s Next…

Your project has been completed. What an amazing feeling…

Perhaps the final walk-through found a few punch-list items, but then you had the satisfaction of seeing them addressed deftly by our production team. You truly feel like your space has been perfected down to the last detail…

As soon as the last of the tools have been carted away by our team, you’re able to enjoy your updated space in divine tranquility.

Everything looks and feels new. It’s a pleasure to store your belongings in the updated cabinetry, and it’s a wonder to use the new space as you feel it was intended to be used all along.

Enjoying your space is the payoff for ALL those decisions that went into your project—it’s that “return on enjoyment” we talk about. It’s the indulgence we dream of.

There are, however, more milestones to expect in the weeks and months after your renovation. These require no more work or decisions, just the gratification of seeing your space well cared for…and admired for just how wonderful it is!


In the Weeks After Your Remodel

In the weeks following your remodel, you’ll hear from our team as well as the team at GuildQuality.

GuildQuality is a third-party surveyor who contacts all our clients to deliver custom questionnaires about work done. The survey sent to Signature Home Services remodeling clients digs into elements of the renovation all the way from the quality of workmanship to the communications received throughout.

GuildQuality contacts all our clients—our home concierge clients, too—once work is done. We’re proud to say that we have received SO many 5-star ratings from our clients that we have been awarded the GuildMaster Award for Service Excellence for the last 15 consecutive years.

You’ll also hear from us again in those first weeks after your remodel. Our Production Assistant will send you your completed Care Guide, which is the compilation of all care information, appliance guides, and selections warranties that we collected throughout your project.

(We pull everything for every selection you make during our sourcing process, and the documents and data is then organized for you in your Care Packet.)

Just see what one of our clients recently said when she received her care packet…

“Thanks for the Care Packet. It is good to have all of this information in one place.”

– Amy and Mark V.



In the Months After Your Remodel

In the months after your renovation, you’ll have several check-ins from our team. We’ll call and email you to see how everything is looking, feeling and working in your space.

Your project is protected not only by the manufacturer warranties (which vary from a few years to some like Schluter’s lifetime warranty), but also by our workmanship guarantee. That means that if anything needs tweaking, for a full year after your renovation, someone from our production team will come out to fix or adjust whatever you need at no cost to you.


In the Years After Your Remodel

Though our final “official” project walk-through is one year after your renovation, we’re still available for anything you need in the years after your project.

Just imagine what project might come NEXT…

Or perhaps it’s an interior design project next time instead…

For those “honey-dos” that need to get done, we have our Home Concierge line of experts, too. (For the best value out of this line of service, apply for Home Maintenance Premium Membership.)


What’s next for you? Join our private design community to stay inspired!!

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