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Good, Better, Best Furniture Selections

Good, Better, Best Furniture Selections

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture, get your notepad out.

Even if you’re just a furniture junkie who wants some eye candy, this is an important moment. You’re about to learn how to simplify each furniture purchase you make while gaining more confidence and a bigger return…every time.

Maybe you’ve already read about the different kinds of furniture brands, features or even construction types. That’s great, because that’s all relevant information.

It’s a lot to weigh at the time of a purchase, though.

All those features rolled together also put each piece of furniture on a spectrum we call the good-better-best scale.

In a world of INTENSE shopping experiences today with an overload of ads and trends, it makes a world of difference if you can simply tag each furniture option as good, better, or best and then make the right decision accordingly.

All furniture will wear out someday. Trends will wear out even faster! Your needs will vary, too, whether you’re moving old furniture into a new house or sending the kids out into the world…

This scale, however, will NEVER change. If you want a piece of furniture to fit your needs in every way, it has to fit your priorities. That’s why the good, better, best system works so well.


What is the Good, Better Best Scale?

All furniture (and other interior selections) can be categorized into three value levels: good, better, and best.

If an item doesn’t even reach the “good” threshold, then we’re probably talking something you buy expecting to throw it away within a couple years…those purchases are fine for the garage, but NOT inside your home.

The three levels we work with in interior design empower you to quickly AND confidently pick the piece you really need. Here’s how the system works:



Good furniture comes at a great value. Its primary deterrent is that you have fewer options, including ZERO customization.

Good furniture is affordable yet it doesn’t force you to sacrifice style. Sometimes, it’s not even just the craftsmanship or materials that make furniture more economical …it can also be where you buy it, like taking advantage of a deal at a nearby outlet.

Remember: the good, better, best system is based on both craftsmanship and materials, so you can assume that “good” furniture is able to cut costs by trimming costs on both of those…meaning it won’t look quite as good or last as long.



Better furniture comes primarily with better style options, including some custom design. The better craftsmanship and material selections also makes for better durability.

Better furniture selections are moderately priced and generally more attractive. Think of it as “classing up.” For example, if you buy an upholstered couch with chic blue stripes, and the stripes match up PERFECTLY from the cushions to the sofa back, you know someone paid more attention to the details to bring out the piece’s rightful beauty…

Better furniture also offers better functionality.



The best furniture, of course, uses only the best materials and craftsmanship. The best furniture is either handcrafted or fully custom.

For an example of handcrafted and custom cabinets, view our 3D tour of the DeWils Cabinetry showroom

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line luxury, including premium features and functionality, you’re looking for the best furniture selections.

Whatever kind of furniture does fit your style, read up on how to get the best deals on furniture!!


The Best Part About the Best Furniture…

There’s been a HUGE evolution in our home environments, and it’s primarily thanks to technology. From the smart speakers that follow us room-to-room to mobile devices and even the manufacturing technology of the interior selections we enjoy, we’re customizing our homes more than ever.

Specifically, homeowners are now more aware of how our interior selections impact our lives, and they’re empowered to make better decisions as a result.

The most important part of any living space is the furniture. It provides each room’s primary functionality and gives you the chance to show your personality in endless ways. This creates both a practical AND emotional connection to your home…all thanks to furniture.

Providing both comfort and utility, furniture frames the space where you are truly at home.

The 1990s and 2000s saw a race to the bottom for many furniture manufacturers, most of them excited to cut costs with new manufacturing innovation…

Today, however, furniture brands are competing again to provide luxury and comfort by creating more exclusive designs.

Whatever selections you do make in furniture, consider your interior design style for that real emotional return…not sure what your design style is? Take our interior design style quiz.

Combining comfort and design means optimizing features like how solid a frame is, or how soft a cushion is, or the beauty of selecting your own preferred type of wood…this level of detail brings an enormous impact.

The best furniture will hold up for decades, too. You’ll also feel a bigger difference in your emotional investment.

How much is that worth to you?


Save the furniture that’s worth it!

Maybe you already have some beautiful pieces that are DEFINITELY in the “best” category.

…Now, let’s say that furniture has seen better days, but the craftsmanship and materials are still superior to ANYTHING you see in the store…

That craftsmanship is probably worth saving.

If you have a piece that’s more than, say, 60 years old, it’s no surprise it’s lasted this long. The materials used in most furniture before 1965 and the processes used to build it were superior to 70% of what’s on the market today.

There are other questions to ask first, though, before determining if it’s “worth it” to refresh a piece of furniture…keep reading to learn what furniture is worth refreshing.


Remember: we’re here to ensure your interior selections reflect your needs, style and priorities.

Keep reading to learn more on how to pair furniture!

Or, download our free quarterly interior design magazine for more inspiration…

We have DECADES of experience in design-build remodeling, which means countless pieces of furniture sourced over the  years. We would love to consult you on how to make the right choice for your lifestyle, budget and needs!!

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