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Genius Hacks To Be The Best Holiday Host

Genius Hacks To Be The Best Holiday Host

Can you BELIEVE it’s already October? The year has flown by, and now it’s almost time for—dare we say it—that magical end-of-year season. That’s right…the holidays are peeking their jolly

little heads right around the corner!

And, take it from the pros, it is NEVER too early to prepare for holiday projects.

The year is coming to a close…and, be honest, how many projects are still on your to-do list? We’re not going to sugar coat it: that pending list is about to TRIPLE in size—especially if you’re expecting visitors.

So…let Signature Home Services help guide you with some helpful hacks to be the BEST holiday host this year!

Take it up a notch in the kitchen

Picture the last holiday party you attended. The home was filled with friends, family, laughter and—of course—FOOD. And we’re willing to bet you spent most of the time in and around the kitchen! The kitchen is not only the heart of the home, but it’s also where guest tend to gather (no matter the size or the cook’s wishes).

Have you dreamed of a gorgeous kitchen island decked out with the perfect holiday spread? Have you fantasized about how a rework of your cabinets could make all the difference for your counterspace? Now is the time to start the process if you want to finish before the holidays.

Start with islands: these are AMAZING additions to the kitchen whose size allows for it. You’re instantly provided extra seating for guests and family and extra space for serving and prepping. And after the guests have gone home, you’re left with a versatile space that adds to the value of your home. Not to mention the storage you can build in and under it…


If you already have the island of your dreams, customize it! You can add an extra sink, outlets (which allow for appliances that won’t fit on countertops), and even a wine cooler or wine rack. Make your kitchen space work for you.

With the right island, you’ll have the PERFECT place to set up your appetizer or drink bar for each holiday party.

Pro tip: plan for oven-ready appetizers so that all you have to do is warm and serve! Pair with plastic stemware and a punch bowl, and you’ll have a serving station that will leave your friends and family raving through the whole season.

Don’t let a glass run dry

While talking about the kitchen, a wet bar or butler’s pantry is another MUST HAVE for many hosts. Butler’s pantries actually require less room than you might imagine. An area like this is ideal for storing extra dishes, silverware and linens. It also provides an out-of-site area to prep drinks and dishes.

What we’re getting at is that there needs to be a place to serve drinks and appetizers, and most coffee tables won’t do it. Wet-bars are a smaller alternative to Butler’s pantries and can either be installed permanently or purchased as a cart. Either way, your soiree will exude class, and you can decorate and theme the area with holiday treats!

Have fun with the furniture

Alright…your guests have made their plates and picked up their peppermint martinis. Where to next?

Ensure your home flow is set for the additional foot traffic over the holidays! Arrange your furniture to allow clear paths and be sure to de-clutter any items that won’t serve a purpose while you have visitors. Set your couches and chairs in U formations to entice conversations between guests. Although the instinct is to face seating arrangements towards the T.V., try turning them away. You can even place fun games in front of seats instead! This will help guests who may not know other guests start chatting.

Time to get lit

One little detail that goes VASTLY under the radar during the holidays is lighting! It’s called MOOD lighting for a reason, folks!

Starting outside, exterior spotlights add a flair to any home and is sure to highlight the decor you’ve worked so hard to show off. Moving to inside the home, you’ll want soft and even ambient lighting. To achieve this, try out a new chandelier installation or a classic wall sconces.

In the kitchen, we run into a bit of a conundrum. You’ll need bright and focused light for food prepping, but once the guests arrive you don’t want the harsher light to scare them away. The answer is dimmers! Most units are easily interchanged with regular light switches.

Let’s be real, everyone…if you want projects done by the holidays—and done RIGHT—you’ve got to start now. Our holiday hacks are projects that will not only make you host of the year, but increase the value of your home and benefit your lifestyle even after the new year! It’s worth it to make this dream come true.

The key is in the planning, and lucky for you that’s our specialty. Make sure to drop us a message or give us a call today to get the ball rolling for your perfect holiday home!

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