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[GALLERY] My Favorite Finds at High Point Market!

[GALLERY] My Favorite Finds at High Point Market!

When I walked into High Point Market last week, my first impression was a bright and colorful one. Finally, COLOR is back in the home!! #colormyhearthappy

I first started to see more color at Market this spring, but the new selections and furniture and artwork I saw this month REALLY made me happy!

Picture it…pop art is back in a huge way, but this time with elements from designers (what a great twist). Traditional furniture styles are back, too, but with a totally new take on combining materials, colors and textures.

And OH the textures! From furniture to wallpaper, High Point Market was FILLED with visual interest and totally tactile experiences…I have to tell you, some of the couches I sat in had the most YUMMY textures in the fabrics.

There is so much more to say…but it’s better if I show you. Just look at my favorite finds from High Point Market below.

Most of these photos fall into more than one category…but here’s a gallery to get you started anyway…let yourself feel inspired! I know I did. There’s PLENTY more I’ve said if you want to see my posts on Instagram.


Selections with Color

Who doesn’t need some conversational décor?!

LOVE love all the beautiful Sherwin-Willaims colors!!

Look at the COLOR.

I think this was the most photographed show space!! Who could’t be taken with that red, and the use of lighting…and I know “texture” is in the next section, but those couches were SO yummy. Note the traditional style of furniture here, but with bold mixtures of materials throughout the space…

See that tweed?! Tweed was EVERYWHERE at Market this year, see how many more photos you see it in below…

Just LOOK at those little balls sewn in, and the three-dimensional stiching…that is a totally new way to add texture, and it’s so beautiful! This chair was remarkable.

Botanicals have been HUGE, too. Look at the art on the back wall—such a beautiful way to bring nature in! And what a green color in that sofa…

This is a message you should remember!!

Pink with gold and white will ALWAYS be my favorite!!


Selections with Texture

Not just the SUPER soft faux fur…but the mix with the metal!! This chair was really something…

Look at how this couch is SUPER traditional (nail head studs and everything), but mixes suede-like softness with leather details…and oh, the details!! Along with texture, there has been more and more detail in ALL design this year at Market…

SO soft!!!!

See?! More tweed!! 

This is where I would have taken a nap…I CANNOT describe how comfortable this was, I wish you would try it out yourself!

These balls on lamps, bowls, decorative items…still popular all over Market!!

See the cut-out back on that swivel chair? That was huge, too…

Look closely—see the texture on the stem of this portabl?! LOVE it.

I think this was my favorite décor art piece of ANY showroom!!! These are purchased individually so you can create ANY design…zoom in and you’ll see the detail in the texture on these…

This was the MOST REALISTIC permanent I’ve EVER felt!! I had to dig around in the bowl to see if they were real, can you believe it?!

This was just fun!

Rope was a major material used in texture-rich pieces, too…not sure how I feel about it, but this guy was cute!

Ok…these are just cool!

WALLPAPER. Can you believe that texture?!

There were SO many three-dimensional wallpapers!

That chandelier…I think it’s about as ornate as something can get!

Look closely and notice the SUPER soft fabric used on the couch cushions next to the leather used on the arms and base. And how about that subtle but graceful detail of the crescent line sewen into the bottom of the couch?!

This couch was SO soft!!


Selections with Mixed Materials

See the textures?!

Leather mixed with fabrics again…

A traditional style, but those leather arm rests are something different! This chair also has an invisible layer of metal below the leather arms so that they don’t sag over time…

Just look at the DETAIL in the sides of this couch!! Those special cushion inserts…and the curve is interesting, isn’t it? I would jsut advise clients that the fabric WILL wrinkle in the middle…

BEAUTIFUL fur print…and the DETAIL in the wooden edges!!

Lucite is another material I’ve seen a LOT of this year.

See the Lucite legs?! And that texture on this chair…REALLY cool.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this piece…the metal pulls…and with that gold portable! This is such an elevated look.

More color, more mixed materials!

The INLAY detail here was to die for!

Look at the details like those metal feet on this table, LOVE IT.

Got to say Hi to Megan Molten!! She had a vignette with her lighting line at Hudson Valley Lighting…so fun to see her!


Could you compare with last year?…

This Market DEFINITELY showed how interior design is moving away from gray. Black and white are still a timeless classic, but even then brands are playing with textures and mixed materials in extraordinary ways!

Check out my Market posts on Instagram to get in on the conversation, I’d love to hear about your favorites, too!

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