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Fresh Takes for a Fresh Year: Things to Try in Your Home in 2022

Fresh Takes for a Fresh Year: Things to Try in Your Home in 2022

If you feel like your home is overdue for an update…but of the fanciful kind (that you can roll out fast and without investing much), you can still make big changes next year with short timelines or tiny budgets! There are little design tricks you can roll out one after the other in 2022 for a significant change overall.

The interior design trends of 2022 are as varied as they can be…some focus on colors while others focus on space. Still others focus on living arrangements or on lighting!

Whether you go for something trendy or a tried-and-true design concept, your whole home can feel FRESH next year, which is exactly what most of us need after this year…

Try any of these design “fresher-uppers” now and you won’t regret it. Many of these take hours or less to do. The icing on the cake is that they LOOK like they took way longer to pull off…you’ll impress everyone who walks in!

Here are your go-to 2022 design concepts to spruce up or add new interest in your home.


1: Improve your Zoom nook

Whether you’re Zooming from your home office for work or just to keep up with friends, switch out the furniture or wall art behind you. Refresh with just about anything for a new look, or favor placing furniture like a loveseat or table in the rear view. When you favor seating as a backdrop, it looks like you’re inviting others into your space.

Inviting others to “sit” with you is downright convivial, even a little playful if you go for bright colors. If you make the right backdrop selections, it could even be glamorous! Why not have a little fun?!


2: Set up a comfy reading spot

Take a hidden or even a neglected corner of your home and convert it into a reading nook. Choose one cozy piece of furniture you can really lounge in, especially one that features fabrics that are highly tactile. Be sure to light the area adequately, too. A floor lamp with adjustable light levels is best.


3: Change up how you hang your wall art

If ANY of the walls in your home are lackluster, switch up how you hang photos and wall art. Bring in some new frames or switch up the hanging style you use. Maybe you’re overdue for a great, big gallery wall?

Artwork and photos hanging in your home distinguish its personality. They set a stage in each space for the “theater” we call life. What stage have you set?…


4: Style up an empty fireplace

If you have an empty fireplace (real or faux, functioning or not) you can turn that space into a breathtaking gallery. Display your favorite pottery or artwork and you’ll enhance your room with a focal point of texture-rich display.


5: Treat your windows right!

Window treatments are, perhaps, the most impactful way to change a space instantaneously. Switching in new window treatments can mean greater convenience for you, too. For example…have you installed your remote lifts yet?!

Convenience aside, have fun with new patterns or window hanging styles. Take a look at the gallery of custom Graber window treatments we provide for inspiration…


6: Update your entryway

This one is SO simple: spruce up your main entryway for a new first impression. Even if you don’t have an enormous foyer, picture what others see when they come in through any principal door. Opt for a convenient addition like some cubbies on the wall or a table next to the door…or hang some art around the entryway to add some visual interest.


7: Set some seasonal accents

If you have any standard décor that sits in the same place all year round, you’re missing an opportunity! Swap “stale” accents for something you can switch up on a seasonal basis. Maybe some flannel is due now that winter has started?!


8: Install new lighting

From an accent floor lamp to a new chandelier, switching up your lighting can polish a room. Update the look or feel of a space at the same time you up the ante for better lighting quality and control.


9: Install a steam shower

Steam showers are just ONE of the luxuries we once had to go out for, but today join in our homes.

Steam showers have enormous health and wellness benefits, and they practically transform a master bath into your own personal spa…

See what other luxuries that you “no longer have to go out for” made the list!!


10: Add a bench at the end of the bed

This is such a SIMPLE interior design trick, and most of us have seen it a million times in interior design magazines…and yet too few have tried it!

You don’t need a footboard at the end of your bed, just a bench. These bed benches help anchor your bed to the floor and give you a comfortable space to sit on when you slip your shoes on or off.

If you get the right bench, it can serve as storage, too…

The one challenge is ensuring it doesn’t become a magnet space for junk!!


11: Take a room down to its skin!

Look…what this means is to strip a room down into a minimalist space. Even if this isn’t the main interior design style you use in your home, if you like the look, one extraordinary way to refresh a space is by cleaning and clearing it down to the core.

Minimalism is just ONE of the 2022 interior design predictions published recently, by the way…keep reading to check out what else is coming!


12: Show off a collection

Whatever you collect, put your collection on display to make a statement! What a conversation starter…the vinyl collector can talk music and the antique jewelry collector can dive into the past. What kind of things do you collect?

Of course, some collections are more mainstream than others. If your collection is of Marvel superhero figurines, for instance, you can still put them out—just be deliberate about where they’re displayed and how much you really want to talk about them.


13: Floating furniture

One SUPER simple trick to change the look and feel of a room is to simply move furniture out from the walls. Shift furnishings a few inches in…and the vibe of your room will instantly change!


14: Lay that rug down!

You have SO many styles to choose from in space rugs!!

And really…what easier way to add color, warmth and texture to a space?

Do you like boho best? Or bohemian? Rustic? Whatever you choose will instantly change the aesthetic.


15: Refresh or upgrade one key piece of furniture

You don’t have to upgrade everything—just ONE piece of furniture refinished or swapped out will bring an incredible return on enjoyment…

Need help deciding which furniture is worth keeping and which isn’t? Keep reading to learn about furniture refreshing and ROI


16: Switch out cabinet hardware

This is an idea you’ve seen before…in fact, it’s one of the most popular suggestions to switch things up in a kitchen or bathroom!

For 2022, challenge yourself not to just switch out the hardware, but to TOTALLY change the cabinet hardware metal type.


…We’re ALL craving a better outlook for 2022.

A big part of that is surrounding yourself with things that make you happy in your home.

If there are spaces at home that feel boring, outdated or dull, commit to conditioning your space to feel more positive in 2022. Look at what you’ve already been through…you’ve made it this far! Now, get a little experimental with any one of these “fresh looks,” and you’ll have a new sense of wellbeing to power through whatever comes next.

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