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Leave 4 Comments and I’ll Build Your Mood Board!

Leave 4 Comments and I’ll Build Your Mood Board!


Who doesn’t love seeing inspiration come together?!

That’s why we love Pinterest and Instagram…it’s why design magazines and blogs are so popular, too.

It’s even why the scrapbooking industry rose to $2.5 billion annually!!

Mood boardOur affinity for “collecting” inspiration is also why a home remodel feels so much more EXCITING once you have selections collected on your mood board.

In honor of National Home Remodeling Month (or #RemodelingMonth, like we’re calling it on Facebook), I’m doing something a little different this year…

I’ve pooled inspirational selections from recent remodels we’ve done…and now I’m posting galleries of these selections on Facebook throughout the month.

Anyone who comments on 4 or more selections that they LOVE will get a complimentary mood board of ALL their favorites at the end of this month!!

For some home improvement tips in the meantime, read what I wrote last May.

Who knows? …This mood board might be THE launch pad for your next unforgettable bath or kitchen remodel.


Tips in picking selections

Whether you’re choosing selections on a big remodel or just following our #RemodelingMonth tag on Facebook, making choices might feel like your idea of a good time…or a total overload!

Remodel selections and finishes are what truly make a space yours. These come down to personal style plus how you want to live.

That sounds like a lot to bite off, though. How do you know what will have the biggest “living” impact, and what you’re just tickled by because it looks nice?

Here’s an example from the bathroom sink gallery I just posted to Facebook…and I’m curious, does anything jump out at you?

Click to enlarge and you can scroll through…

…Whatever you think you like best, now you ask yourself:

  • Does this fit your likes as well as your functional priorities?
  • Where would this fall in your “priority” list if you had to cut something?
  • Do you feel STRONGLY about this selection, or is there another option you like?

Based on your answers, you can turn your selections into an organized, prioritized list. Know what to cut and what to keep, and what will bring the biggest return on enjoyment.

EXPERT TIP: Making prudent choices means making selections on a tighter timeline these days. The home remodeling market has taken SUCH a boost since last year (with everyone spending more time at home) that a manufacturing delay in just one selection could set your project back by weeks…demand is high right now, so bear that in mind.

What kind of remodeling client are YOU? Take the new quiz we built in honor of #RemodelingMonth!!


Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

The day I’m posting this article is ALSO Mother’s Day!!

Have you thought about the value a design gift could bring Mom in her day-to-day?!

And no, you don’t have to book a whole remodel to show her how much you love her… (Though, we do have a client who did that.) You can, however, book a few hours of design consultation…or even point Mom to our #RemodelingMonth selections on Facebook so she can get her own complimentary mood board.


Have you heard about the housing market?

If you so much as glance at the news these days, you’ve probably seen what’s happening in the housing market…

If you have friends who are buying or selling homes, you’ve heard even MORE about it.

READ: home supply is LOW (and the rising lumber costs and demand for other materials is slowing down the construction of new houses, too). This means prices have gone way, WAY up.

The median price of existing homes sold two months, in March, ago was 17% higher than March of 2020…coming in at over $329,000.

Even in our office, one of our employees JUST put her house on the market last Thursday…and over the weekend she had 81 showings and 30 offers. Her home was off the market by Sunday.

It’s looking smarter to stay in the homes we have. Remodeling—and even additions and major renovations—have become the go-to solution for greater value and return on enjoyment.

Was the last remodel in your home one that brought results you FELT in your day-to-day?

Did it impact your lifestyle?

Does it still make you feel good today?

Over the course of this #RemodelingMonth, I’ll be reposting some before-and-after examples of our recent remodels where the answer to ALL these questions was YES. Just take a look at this first one!


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and COMMENT on any 4 or more selections this month to get your own mood board at the end of May!!

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