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Flashback Style? No, it’s the Grandmillennial

Flashback Style? No, it’s the Grandmillennial

Anyone who remembers the quintessential needlepoint pillows, floral wallpaper and blue and white ceramic tiles and lamps of the 1980s-1990s probably finds some of today’s interior design familiar.

These items were thrown to the curb after minimalism took hold in the late 1990s. Chintz armchairs and Victorian furniture and all sorts of vintage artifacts were switched out for clean lines and a palette of neutrals from off-white to gray to greige.

The 1980s have not returned…but at first, it looks like it. This is a new style, though, and one that fits beautifully into the design world with today’s traditionally-inspired furniture pieces and spectacular new wallpaper designs. This is the grandmillennial style.

See more examples of the design selections that feed this design style from the last visit to High Point Market

Who knew that people born right when minimalism took hold would want their homes and spaces that look like your grandma’s?! A whole generation got bored with the minimalism that dominated social feeds until a few years ago. The aesthetic they’ve left behind is impersonal, they say, and the new wave of grandmillennial interior design is nostalgic-natured look, but far savvier.


Discovering History

Most generations think that they invented anything that’s new to them. Fans of grandmillennial design, however, know that they’re honoring the past. They’re making it better, too. Traditional-looking furniture today celebrates craftsmanship and detail. These selections play with mixed materials in ways never seen, so that’s how the look feels novel instead of purely nostalgic.

For example…

  • A coffee table might be made of glass, bronze and wood.
  • A chair might have Lucite legs contrasting a colorful performance upholstery.
  • A mirror might showcase vintage-inspired pink glass with an ornate wooden frame glammed up with jewels.
  • A solarium might be used for plant life once again, too, with flowers and vines hanging and sitting around the room. Their vivid green pops over large format black and white tile with even larger floral print around the walls. Read more about how to use plants in interior design

The grandmillennial look is nostalgic, but with a fresh face. Aficionados of this design style know the difference between quality selections and machine-made ones, too. For example, a real grandmillennial will know the different types of wood used in furniture and all the different trim cuts, too.


Storytelling is Part of the Grandmillennial Aesthetic

The grandmillennial style isn’t just a question of acquiring chic pieces. It’s also a style of storytelling.

The grandmillennial interior design style connects its users emotionally to their surroundings. There’s a nostalgic element to begin with…add to that a narrative and a decision behind each element of a space, and with the sheer number of selections an environment is suddenly FILLED with values, stories and unique expressions.


Mass Manufacturing Is a “No-Go”

One of the biggest things that the grandmillennial style rebels against in interiors is the previous trend to make more décor and furniture with fewer craftspeople and more machines.

Cheap furniture will always be cheap. But the grandmillennial savvy goes beyond that. This design style favors custom pieces and furnishings that are made a grade above the rest.

Because most fans of the grandmillennial style are younger, this decision appears to be a rebellion against the monochromatic catalogs and all-furniture-alike look of homes 10-20 years ago. Instead, the grandmillennial pulses with inspiration that gets real craftspeople going.

Custom furniture is something Signature Home Services does now, too.

Combining the Best of New Styles with the Desired Dose of Nostalgia

Whether you’re personally into the grandmillennial style or not, this design statement does take the best of what’s big right now throughout the industry.

Today’s interior design selections are ALL about patterns, textures, and the mixing of materials. Traditionally-inspired furniture is given a whole new life with exquisite combinations of wood, metal, Lucite, and even elements of GLAM.

These selections work perfectly in a grandmillennial environment.

The result? These are NOT the stuffy interiors you remember from the 1980s and 1990s. Skirted tables were done away with for good, and floral wallpaper has gotten MUCH chunkier and more artistic. Mixing a few modern elements in with the granny-chic is what makes the grandmillennial style what it is today!

What do you think of this mix?! Join the conversation in our private community on Facebook and tell everyone what you see!

Want more inspiration?

More of the selections that made the grandmillennial style possible can be seen in last year’s autumn High Point Market gallery…these are AMAZING finds you don’t want to miss.

The new edition of Signature Home Style magazine is available for download now, too!

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