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Everything Your Mudroom Could Use

Everything Your Mudroom Could Use

Picture it…you’re rushing to get ready one morning, and you only notice it’s raining when you run  back upstairs to close the window your honey PERPETUALLY leaves open. Your shirt is half buttoned as you finish a banana, suddenly hating yourself for forgetting to put a new trash liner in the bin as you toss the banana peel—but there’s no helping it, you’re in a hurry!

The kids are ready, or so you think, but shoes still need to be tied and they did NOT select the right jackets for the rainy weather. Now…if only you could FIND everything! Coats, hats, oh no—SOMEONE forgot to leave the keys in their designated corner of the mounting pile of stuff on the counter!!

We have to say it…coordinating calendars, storing the essentials for your day-to-day, and helping organize your life in general is a LOT easier than you realize.

Because, here’s our learned-the-hard-way designer secret…the mudroom is the unsung hero of any home.

Why? Because it’s not there to put on a show for your guests. Its purpose is solely for you and the livability in your home. It’s a little room with a WHOLE lot of work to do…protecting the interior of your home from the elements, and organizing your “I’m not sure where to put this” stuff.

But…what exactly do you put in a mudroom? We think a better question is what can’t you store in a mudroom! It kindly hosts your shoes, jackets, rain boots, snow gear, pet accessories, and anything else made to weather the great outdoors.

A mudroom’s ability to pull all that miscellaneous stuff together and create a neat, organized, and efficient space is truly amazing when done right. So…maybe it’s time to show your mudroom some love and check some items off its wish list this year!

We’ve racked our brains and combed through YEARS of experience to give you the ultimate list of everything an efficient mudroom could use…


  1. Flooring

Your mudroom floor is going to get dirty—there’s no way around it. But, truth be told, this is really part of its purpose. If it weren’t for your mudroom flooring, you’d be tracking all that gunk into the rest of your home. (YUCK.)

To set your mudroom up for success, the best flooring options are going to be durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! Our favorites come in a great array of pricing and range from vinyl and ceramic tile to GORGEOUS natural stone.Roanoke, TX 76262 Remodeler

Ceramic tile and vinyl are the most affordable and easiest flooring options to install. In the long run, ceramic tile takes the cake for lifespan. It also comes in an AMAZING selection of designs that are hard to tell from the pricier natural stone and wood (which are also great mudroom options, if you do love the look).

Natural stone is higher up on the price range, and requires more maintenance. It also needs to be sealed once a year…but, like we said, if you do love the look then this might be a must-have!

Signature Tip! Personalize your mudroom even more by adding outside and inside rugs! The benefits are two-fold:

  • One – you’ll be able to tie in the aesthetic of your even more. Personalize with either a pop of color or cool, neutral tones.
  • Two – you’ll prolong the life of your new flooring! What’s easier to replace: your new stone flooring or your synthetic outdoor rug? We’ll let you decide!


  1. Cubbies and shelving

Mudroom storage space is a MUST, that’s a given.

If you’re just using your room as a place to kick off shoes and wipe off dirt, honey have we got some news for you!!

Interior Design Grapevine, TX 76051Cabinets, storage bins, cubbies…the storage space option list is never-ending! But, what does that mean for you? It means that there will be a storage option to fit the look and space needs of ANY and EVERY mudroom!

Varying levels of cubbies and wall hooks can be combined to create the PERFECT areas for each member of the family—your furry friends included!

When it comes to storage, going vertical pretty much always the answer! Stack low-lying cubbies for shoes and move up the wall with wall hooks for jackets, backpacks, or bags. Make sure to top it all off with a high cubby or shelf for hats and other items you may forget while running out the door! (Cough, KEYS, cough…)

When you find nice base tones like neutral, deep wood, you can change out the cubby inserts so you have the freedom to switch up your style whenever your heart desires! Open-faced storage is absolutely on trend now, and we can see why! Rotate between wicker baskets, wire baskets…the options are ENDLESS!

Baskets and bins are perfect for items that can’t be hung up but are always getting lost. To avoid confusion, add labels or color coordinate so mix-ups will be harder to come by.

Signature Tip! Don’t forget to take a SEAT! If your space allows for it, it’s a luxury you’ll love later if you plan for a bench or enclave to sit down on. Don’t worry, though…we make sure to utilize every bit of square footage in the mudroom. Opt for storage bench seating that allows you to stow away seasonal items inside!

In the end, you’ll have an area to regroup or gather your thoughts AND storage for those beach chairs that are always falling out of the hall closet!


  1. A wall organizer

When we say the mudroom works for you, we mean it! How many times has this happened to you:

You’re rushing the kids out the door to get to soccer practice. As you throw yourself into the front seat and make your way down the road, a sinking feeling in your stomach tells you something is amiss. Soccer practice was yesterday, today is the dance recital! Why didn’t your phone remind you?!

In the end, all you really needed was a good, old-fashioned dry-erase calendar and a Sharpie! Your mudroom is your home’s first line of defense against the world, while also your last reminder before leaving the home!

Hang up a wall organizer that can be the home base for any otherwise-forgotten assignments, mail, or reminders. Add on a calendar and wall clock so that you’ll never forget a meeting/practice/anything again! Hanging wall hooks for keys, purses, and umbrellas are another great addition.

Thanks to your mudroom, your items and your mind can both rest at peace!

Signature Tip! It doesn’t have to be all business at your organizer!! Chalk paint is a fun and inexpensive way to get the whole family involved in staying organized on the shared calendar. You can paint an accent wall, or just a section! Make sure fun chalk colors are readily available and get ready for sweet surprise notes and artwork that’ll be sure to brighten up everyone’s day!

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Do you have any other must-have mudroom tips? We’d LOVE to hear your ideas or see what amazing designs you’ve created!! Make sure to drop us a message on our Facebook page and, of course, give us a call for all your home needs!

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