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Elements That Elevate Your Home

Elements That Elevate Your Home

What does it mean to “elevate” a space?

You can elevate the look, for example…to do that takes an environment and enhances it to the level of luxury that truly takes your breath away. An elevated space brings instant impressions of grace and quality.

You can elevate the functionality of a space, too. Maybe the cabinet design isn’t practical for the way you get ready in the bathroom or the way you cook in the kitchen. Maybe the lights don’t illuminate evenly around your vanity when you try to do your hair. Maybe the layout of the furniture does NOT invite long, relaxed conversations when guests come over.

You can also elevate the performance of a space. Your selections of renovation materials each play a role in the longevity of a design.

Play with these small but crucial design details and revel in the way they can elevate your space…


Change how frames are hung

Elevates: the look and the functionality

Take a look at any walls where you have multiple frames. They’re probably photos mixed with artwork, and in some cases other décor.

How are those pieces arranged? What pattern have you created? Have you ever tried another format?

Now is the time.

Read about these four key ways to hang wall art to see what comes next…


Switch out cabinet hardware

Elevates: the look, functionality and performance

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a space is to switch out the cabinet hardware.

With the right selection, that cabinet hardware can either blend blissfully into the surroundings or act as “eye candy” that people will notice and admire.

There are considerations for functionality and performance with cabinet hardware, too, like the materials selections are made from or even the direction you install it in.

Look at some of our favorite recent finds in cabinet hardware to get inspired…


Play with window coverings

Elevates: the look, functionality and performance

Window treatments make a HUGE difference in a space.

  • If your window coverings are dated, they’re an eyesore in your space.
  • If your window coverings don’t do their job in total light control, then you aren’t functionally getting what you should from your space.

Maintenance, technology and materials are all topics to review with your designer when you update your window coverings.

Get inspired with 12 ideas to dress windows…

And remember, Robin Burrill of Signature Home Services is the local Graber Window Treatments dealer in Keller and Tarrant County.


Reupholster with performance fabrics

Elevates: the functionality and performance

Furniture can be reupholstered to provide a completely updated (and elevated) feel.

And not only is the performance of these materials FAR superior to standard upholstery, new technologies now permit limitless colors and textural experiences that can take furniture to a new level.

Performance fabric velvet? Yes, please!!

Discover which is the right performance fabric for your home…


Add some eye candy

Elevates: the look

Whatever selections are looking dated or worn in your space can be replaced with quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

You know when it’s time.

Right now is a MAGNIFICENT season to update your home with “eye candy” selections, too, because the interior design creatives have produced a boom of amazing colors, mixed materials, and textures to relish.

Just look at some of these EXTRAORDINARY finds from High Point Market…


Level-up the bathrooms

Elevates: the look and functionality

Your main bathroom—and guest bath, and powder rooms, really every bath—can be leveled up to a luxury spa-grade experience. And THAT is an elevated experience everyone wants.

These environments can be enhanced with something as simple as a diffuser or something as functionally impactful as multiple shower heads.

Learn what seven elements create a spa-like bathroom experience…


Add outdoor lighting

Elevates: the look, functionality and performance

Especially as warmer weather moves into the forecast, just picture some of your nearest and dearest friends and family members lounging with you in an outdoor entertainment area…

Have you elevated that outdoor entertainment experience with the right lighting?

Outdoor events held in the evening require the right lighting for safety and ambience. Lighting is JUST as important outdoors as it is indoors.

Start with these ideas for lighting an outdoor entertainment area…


Elevating your home or even a single space nurtures a lifestyle of well-being. It cultivates luxury. It sustains the highest level of comfort for you, your family, and anyone who comes to stay.

View your home through the lens of how an elevated experience could change your world. So much of your life takes place in your home, including most of life’s crucial moments. Protect that time and those memories! Elevate your home to the experience you deserve, starting with any one of these elements.

Connect with us in our design group on Facebook to share which element above can make the biggest difference for you!

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