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Do You Have an Interior Design Style?

Do You Have an Interior Design Style?

Do you have an interior design style?

YES! You absolutely do.

Now…do you know what your interior design style is?

Maybe…maybe not.

Another pertinent question is whether your design style falls into one of the industry’s pre-set categories, or if your “look” is something special.

But that’s an advanced question. First, it’s important for you to learn what styles you definitely like and definitely don’t like so you know where to start and what to avoid in the interiors of your home.

Knowing your interior design style will help you save time, not to mention potential disappointment down the road. Keep reading to get a look at the key design styles and to learn where you fall.


What interior design styles are we talking about?

There are many different interior design styles, some more popular than others.

New design styles are popping up all the time, too, like glam and grand millennial. Others ebb and flow with the passing of the generations.

From modern to traditional, here are the most common and timeless design styles that come up again and again…


Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern is functional and streamlined. It’s sleek and open look leaves spaces beautifully uncluttered.

This look is not pure minimalism, though. It’s geometric and asymmetrical designs were popular in the ’50s and ‘60s (hence the name “mid-century”), and once you visualize those elements, you know this is definitely a special “look.”

Mid-century modern elements can be seen in art, furniture, wallpaper, and all other room accessories.

Just imagine…

  • Mental hairpin legs on furniture
  • Shell chairs
  • Globe-shaped lights and arc floor lamps
  • Functional metal table lamps
  • Warm-toned woods like walnut, smoothly finished


Signature Sandlin 33 lo rezContemporary

This design style look is fluid and ever-changing: it’s technically whatever is in the hyper-present. This makes the “contemporary” style a bit ambiguous, but that’s part of its characteristic charm.

Some features you’ll see in today’s contemporary interior design projects are:

  • Curved lines
  • A fairly muted color palette
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Mixed materials including concrete, steel and glass



The traditional design style is characteristically “homey.” This timeless style is calm and familiar, but when applied with a designer’s criteria, it blooms into a breathtaking look of luxury. It’s the kind of luxury that never tires, with its beautiful symmetries and fine selections of materials throughout each element.


You’ve seen traditional many, many times…just picture:

  • Gilded photo frames
  • Furniture legs with “feet” and other intricate design features
  • Tufted and tasseled upholstery and rugs
  • Wingback chairs and love seats
  • Paisley and plaid designs
  • Materials like silk, leather, velvet, and heavy woods
  • Elaborate moldings and trim
  • Crystal chandeliers

Interestingly, the traditional look is becoming VERY popular today with a never-before-seen twist on materials used…just look at the trends found at the fall 2022 High Point Market.


Transitional is a versatile interior design style where you get the “best of both worlds.” It’s elegant, but it’s clean. It combines traditional and contemporary styles.


  • Clean furniture lines
  • Overall, a slightly minimalistic layout
  • Modern, simple light fixtures
  • Still some use of classic moldings and trim


Your Return on Enjoyment

Paint trend bold colorsIf you don’t identify with any one of those styles, don’t be surprised.

Many homeowners find that their own interior design style is either a blend of these, or something totally different, like the “glam” and “grand millennial” styles mentioned earlier.

The best way to design your interiors is with the help of a professional interior designer, because blending styles and creating new ones is nothing short of an art form. And it can go amazingly well if done right!

The payout?

The space designed FOR you that truly takes your breath away…interiors that you love every day you wake up and see them.

Want to get started with a little quiz to see if we can guess your design style?! Try the Interior Design Style Quiz and let us know what results you got…


Get inspired…

If you want a little added inspiration, join our private interior design community to get interior tips and ideas, and to see designs by our own Robin Burrill come to life.

Keep notes on what inspires you…your style will come out, and with it, absolute inspiration for that next interiors project.

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