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Design Features Unique to Texan Homes

Design Features Unique to Texan Homes

There is no denying that this part of the country celebrates some architectural ingenuity. Can’t you just “tell” when you’re looking at a classic Texan home?! At the very least, you can recognize a LOT of features of southern style homes in general.

It’s not just about style, though. There are also geographical factors that shape the building of homes in Texas…

In our case, Texas is a state whose geographical AND climatic particulars lead to certain style features that are uncommon or even nonexistent in other parts of the country.

As though we need another reason to feel “special!!”

Here are some “lone” design features in Texan homes:

  • No basement
  • Brick-walled exteriors
  • Porches or patios
  • Textured walls
  • Porcelain-tiled flooring

No Basement

One of the most surprising features of Texan homes for folks who move here is that most don’t have a basement.

The absence of a basement is due to several factors, mainly the geographical condition of the state. For example, many Texan homes have to install their water table so close to the surface of the ground that there’s no space to build a big basement. (Blame the hard, high bedrock.)

Also, because of the popular ranch style homes with HUGE square footage, you could say that the average Texan homeowner doesn’t even consider needing a basement!!

What does this mean for your home?

A basement is a convenient feature in home design. Its use cases range from a mini bar to a recreation room to a storage space, among others. However, chances are that your dream Texan home is big and spacious enough without it.

There’s a plus to no basement, too! That means you have one room less to maintain. Basements are subject to flooding, leakage, and vermin infestations. So…if NOT having those problems isn’t a plus, we don’t know what is!


Brick-Walled Exterior

Another architectural feature common to Texan homes is brick exterior walls. Many Texan homes have their walls made of brick because of the abundance of premium brick-making clayey soil in Texas.

Brick walls have this aesthetic appeal that blends with the Southern, cowboy or ranch-owner feel that Texan homes have, too…

Check out this before-and-after farmhouse remodel for some inspiration!

What does this mean for your home?

Brick walls are strong, fire-resistant, and good insulators. They give your home a gorgeous exterior appeal that shoots up its value, too!

However, brick walls are not as solid as concrete and can give in to damage during major wall-busting renovation.


Porches or Patios

Although porches and patios aren’t unique to Texas, one reason they made the list is because of how popular they are in Texan homes. The thought of sitting out on the porch in the sultry summer evenings, after the temperature FINALLY drops below 90 degrees…the cicadas in the background…the smells from the grill next door…

Really, very few scenes beat that one!!

Porches and patios help you:

  1. Bring more natural light into your home
  2. Enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space
  3. And boost your home’s value

What does this mean for your home?

Porches and patios are a delight to have, but they do mean extra maintenance in your home.

Plus…seeing as your front porch is your home guests’ first impression with your home, you want to make it especially appealing.


Textured Walls

Especially for anyone moving to Texas from the Northeast or from California, the sight of textured walls in homes is sometimes a surprising one. Maybe that texture looks like small, rough specs, like a popcorn ceiling…or maybe it’s a more sweeping texture called a “knock-down.” 







Those are two types of textured walls usually chosen because they’re economical. You can’t be surprised how some builders make that choice for cost alone! There are, however, other types of textured walls that are FAR more deliberate and look stunning in Texas homes, especially those with a ranch or farmhouse look: 

  • Limewash
  • Venetian plaster
  • Tadelakt

For anyone accustomed to smooth walls, this can seem strange at first. Textured walls are HUGELY popular in Texas, though!

What does this mean for your home?

Textured walls do you one favor and create one challenge. 

On one hand, the texture naturally hides imperfections. Major win!!

…But on the other hand, textured walls can be tough to clean…getting into the tiny spaces can be rough! Be sure to paint with a durable paint on any textured wall so that the washing doesn’t dull the color.


Porcelain-tiled Flooring

Finally, there’s porcelain-tiled flooring. Texan homes feature this type of tiling because it is durable, absorbs VERY little moisture, makes rooms cooler, and is low maintenance.

Porcelain tile also allows for extraordinarily creative designs!! You’ll find designers to make ANY tile dream a reality…

Just look at these stunning tile designs!

What does this mean for your home?

One of the biggest concerns with porcelain-tiled flooring is its price. Homeowners in Texas, though, still favor the return on enjoyment and tend to think the benefits are worth it.

Another thing to bear in mind is that tile is difficult to install right, which means you’ll be working with a specialist.


Just like we all enjoy showing our home off at its best, that “Texan spirit” in you wants to have a home that really showcases these gorgeous home design features so special to this state.

Whether your home currently has these features or you’re thinking of remodeling to acquire them, it’s essential that you work with a client-focused and quality-oriented team. You can download a free remodel planner right now to organize your thoughts.

Did we miss a Texas-unique feature that your home has? Start the conversation on Facebook!!

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