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Create a Home Maintenance Plan You Can Easily Follow

Create a Home Maintenance Plan You Can Easily Follow

Do you like cooking?

…It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? The reward is worth it, though…

Now that I’ve got your attention…that same “worth it” outlook is kind of like buying plane tickets, don’t you think? No one WANTS to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in one go…but oh, the places you can go!!

In both cases, the anticipation alone is WELL worth it.

Now ask yourself…why wouldn’t you feel the same way about your home? Look at home maintenance—and yes, even cleaning—like you look at cooking! Is it really such a chore? If you make home maintenance as easy to follow as your favorite recipe, it can amount to an enjoyable to-do that fills you with anticipation.

After all…home maintenance is about getting the biggest return on enjoyment in your home, isn’t it?!

  • Cleaning your fridge is worth it so your food stays fresh
  • Checking for leaks around doors is worth it because it saves you money
  • Cleaning the dryer vent is worth it because it protects your family from FIRE!

Honestly. Would you scrimp on the ingredients in your favorite batch of cookie dough? Probably not! Look at each home maintenance task as an essential ingredient to staying happy, comfortable and safe in your home, and you’ll be onto something big!


Home Maintenance Costs

Just like buying the best cookie toppings, home maintenance doesn’t come without its costs. If you didn’t already factor that into your cost of living, though, this is just you correcting course.

When you buy a home, the mortgage doesn’t stop at your monthly payment. Part of your home expense should always be home maintenance costs.

A good rule of thumb is to budget up to 3% of your home’s purchase price to ongoing home maintenance. So, if you bought your home for $300,000, that’s around $9,000 a year in home maintenance.

That number covers regular checks AND the occasional surprise you have to fix, too…just so you’re covered! It can potentially be a lot less. If you sign up for a home maintenance plan like the Signature Home Maintenance Club, that’s another way to save, too.

(A club also gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to handle this yourself, AND that a professional will see issues before they become problems.)

You can also take a DIY approach. We know a thing or two about home maintenance, so here’s a simple step-by-step to get started…

  1. Create a spreadsheet like the example above. The important thing is that you break things down by frequency AND date (or time of year) in separate columns. That way, you can sort instantly by tasks needed monthly or for each season.
  2. Add the tasks provided for you below, and then add any others of your own! You can even beef this list up with your deep cleaning list…anything that keeps your home in its best condition is fair game.
  3. Set reminders wherever you’ll see them! One simple reminder to “check list for monthly maintenance” or “check list for spring maintenance” will do, you don’t have to create a new reminder for each task unless you’d like to break them up by day…regarding what reminders to use, maybe you’re a fan of Siri or Alexa, or maybe you run on Google Calendar. Wherever you do it, you can even set reminders to include other members of your household if you’re getting help with specific tasks!
  4. Use your plan! Keep yourself accountable. When those reminders come up, what will you do to make sure you complete them? I sense a reward coming on…


Home Maintenance Checklist

These to-dos don’t just look at what you need to do each season…they also cover monthly and annual home maintenance, not to mention those tasks you should keep in mind for every five years, 10 years or more.

Just build these into your table, or email us to get a table from us plus recommendations and help!


Monthly Home Maintenance

  • Look for leaks around toilets and sinks
  • Inspect grout and caulking (in bathrooms and around doors and windows)
  • Check kitchen vent hood filter
  • Test smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Walk around the outside of your house to inspect the exterior and yard

Bathroom tile shower decorative patterns


Spring Home Maintenance

  • Inspect roofing for missing, loose or damaged shingles or leaks
  • Check the HVAC filters
  • Service your air conditioner
  • Clean window and door screens
  • Polish wood furniture and dust light fixtures
  • Refinish the deck (if you have one)
  • Power-wash windows and siding
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts
  • Replace the batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Have the septic tank pumped and inspected
  • Vacuum lint from the dryer vent
  • Inspect the chimney for damage (if you have one)
  • Remove insulation from outdoor faucets and check sprinkler heads
  • Drain or flush your water heater
  • Fertilize your lawn


Summer Home Maintenance

  • Oil the garage door opener and chain and all door hinges
  • Remove lint from dryer vent and wash the outside
  • Clean the kitchen exhaust fan filter
  • Clean the fridge and freezer coils and the drip trays
  • Check the dishwasher for leaks
  • Replace interior and exterior faucet and showerhead washers (if needed)
  • Prune trees and shrubs, especially overhang near the roof of your home


Fall Home Maintenance

  • Rake leaves and aerate the lawn
  • Service your heating
  • Check the fireplace for damage or hazards and clean the flues
  • Seal cracks and gaps in windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping (or replace if need be)
  • Swap old, drafty windows for more energy-efficient ones
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts
  • Mend cracks and gaps in the driveway and walkway
  • Drain and winterize all exterior plumbing
  • Tune up major home appliances (so you can cook and clean during the holidays!)
  • Replace the batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Clean the carpets
  • Inspect exterior door hardware (fix squeaky handles and loose locks)
  • Check throughout home for frayed cords and wires
  • Drain and store hoses and drain in-ground sprinkler systems
  • Check water heater for leaks


Winter Home Checklist

  • Clean and cover your air conditioner unit
  • Inspect the roof, gutters and downspouts for damage after any winter storm
  • Vacuum the bathroom exhaust fan grill
  • Clean the drains in sinks, tubs, showers and dishwashers
  • Check for drafts


Yearly Home Maintenance

  • Look for signs of termites
  • Go through all your closets and get rid of what you don’t need
  • Drain your hot water heater to protect from sediment
  • Clean your HVAC ducts

Home Maintenance Ever 5-10 Years

  • Paint the exterior
  • Install a new dishwasher
  • Replace the microwave
  • Replace smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Update your home security system

Beyond 10 Years…

  • Replace the hot water heater
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Replace the garage door opener
  • Explore a new refrigerator, stove and range
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom faucets


There are LOTS more technical and trade-specific checks you can do, too. Just look at the number of inspections we do twice a year for our Signature Home Maintenance Club members…send us a message to sign up for yourself.


If you’re planning to live in your home and LIVE WELL, look at your home maintenance like you do cooking your favorite meal! These simple tasks ensure your home does its job and provides for you and your family as a sanctuary, office, spa and retreat, and entertainment space for many years to come.



Check it out! If you add countertop or performance fabric maintenance to your checklist, you can use these tips as cheat sheets…

Be sure to share these with someone who could use them!!

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