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  • 8 Problems That Renovations Solve

    8 Problems That Renovations Solve

    In general, we see WAY too many things in black and white terms. Have you ever thought about a wider spectrum of possibilities when addressing problems in your home? For example, it’s easy to over-simplify the “problem” in a room we don’t like. We’re tired of the outdated look, we say…or we admit that the

  • Do You Have an Interior Design Style?

    Do You Have an Interior Design Style?

    Do you have an interior design style? YES! You absolutely do. Now…do you know what your interior design style is? Maybe…maybe not. Another pertinent question is whether your design style falls into one of the industry’s pre-set categories, or if your “look” is something special. But that’s an advanced question. First, it’s important for you

  • What Goes into an Interior Design Layout?

    What Goes into an Interior Design Layout?

    Interior design feels like that glorious meeting point of what everyone can see about their living space—the furniture, the finishes, the storage, the wall décor—and what digs into the foundation and behind the walls… What goes into a full interior design plan, though? An interior design layout is, perhaps, the first thing that comes to

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