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Cost vs. Value of Interior Design

Cost vs. Value of Interior Design

To make any informed decision, you need to know the pros and cons. That’s why resources like the annual Cost vs. Value report by Remodel Magazine are so valuable.

Measuring the cost versus the recouped cost on a remodel can be hard because the full cost is never recouped in home sales prices. Homeowners have to understand the other ways that the cost is recouped, namely improving their quality of life while they’re in the home.

The cost vs. value of interior design is even trickier to put your finger on. Is the investment “worth it?” How do you define that? Is it the design eye that the right professional provides?

…Yes, that’s part of it, but there’s SO much more.

Just picture yourself spending some free time on your phone. Hours go by as you search social media. You’ve already wandered the aisles of local décor outlets…but still, your interior design project just isn’t coming together.

Interior designers bring your ideas to life. They put renderings together, they visualize what you want, they show you what you need. They know where to slice and where to embellish. They turn your buzzwords into themes and selections that you know instantly that you love. They advise you on a space’s functionality, too, and on the care and expectations for each selection.

If you REALLY want to measure the cost vs. value of hiring an interior designer, ask yourself how important these 5 benefits of working with an interior designer are to you…


1: Spend wiser

Investments in your home aren’t just about the up-front cost…they’re also about the investment over time.

Will the selections you think you want hold up?

You want to make sure that every penny you do spend is spent wisely. An interior designer helps you cut the fat and avoid anything frivolous. Every penny goes toward your priority outcomes!!


2: Design expertise

There’s SO much you don’t know that you don’t know.

That’s true of everyone!

Your designer will teach you about the selections you look at, and some of what you learn will shock you.

Had you ever thought about the direction your cabinet hardware is installed in and its implications on using the kitchen? Had you thought about the safety features of your window treatments? Wouldn’t you WANT to know the full care and maintenance implications of every selection you purchase?

Your designer provides this information and more—and THEN helps you bring all of it together to make decisions you truly feel good about.


3: Defining your style

OK—so you already saved plenty of Pinterest pins and you follow a dozen or more design inspiration on Instagram. You’ve seen a lot of things you love, and a lot of things you don’t.

You’re able to pick things that you think you want in your project, but deciding between them is surprisingly hard. You only need one main light fixture for your main bathroom…so, how on earth do you chose which?! And once you DO decide, does that selection go well with the other items you’ve had your eye on?…

An interior designer helps you build a coherent design for each space that leverages what you love while tying loose ends…your designer helps you pick the best possible option from each list of “love-to-have” finds, bringing your innate design style to life.

A professional interior designer will also advise you on what’s just a “trend” and what’s truly timeless. You don’t want all your hard work to look dated in five years!!


4: Save time

This one almost goes without saying…working with a designer will save you SO much time.

Do you know how to manage which products you want that are on backorder? Do you know how it all fits together into a delivery and installation calendar?

Do you WANT to? …Probably not!

An interior designer coordinates everything. A professional designer (namely one who works with production teams) will know what the implications are of EACH selection, EACH timeline, and EACH installation…then your designer takes care of it so you never have to bottleneck your project just because you didn’t know the timeline for a selection!!


5: Achieve an elevated look

Even with your own design style fully defined, there are still other ways you can further elevate your home’s look and feel.

When you walk into a home where the materials are CLEARLY the best, where each scene is set beautifully, and you just feel quality as you walk around the space, isn’t that a breathtaking experience?…

An interior designer’s eye for quality will go a long way to achieve this in your home, and best of all, professional interior designers have exclusive contacts with manufacturers who do NOT sell to the public…so you get access to the best of the best!!


It’s easy to get hung-up on the initial investment for something you really want. To make informed decisions, you have to consider the cost and the value to understand which is greater.

If you value any of the five benefits above enough, then an interior designer would bring you a TREMENDOUS value and return on enjoyment in your next design project!

You can get started now…please tell us about your project today, or join our closed Facebook group for more design inspiration!!

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