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Best to Buy in January: A List of the 5 Best Home Buys

Best to Buy in January: A List of the 5 Best Home Buys

Amazing! We’re already half way through January 2018. This new year, maybe you started off with a resolution. Maybe it had something to do with health, or work, or family. But if you haven’t already thought about it, there are some needed home items you can check off your list this month as a resolution to shop smarter.

Being a smart homeowner means being a smart shopper. There are so many things to consider that make specific purchases more practical in one month or another…seasons, weather, holidays, and the timing of sales all come into play, which is why we’ve parsed through it for you for the month of January.

Take a look to see our list of the 5 best home purchases in January, and keep your eyes peeled for more tips in months to come!

5 Best Buys in January

1. Linens and bedding come with a double-loaded benefit in January. Think about these January nights when the sun sets early…the cold creeps around your house, and you’re left desiring little else than to curl up in bed with a book. We all spend a little more time in bed this month! Treating yourself to that needed update in bedding will make your time curled up that much more luxurious.

On top of the appeal of fresh sheets and comfy blankets, there’s also the long-standing retail tradition of white sales in January, where linens and bedding go on the cheap. So, stock up—you’ll save money buying bedding this month, AND you’ll get great use out of it this season.

HOT TIP: Bedding is a great January buy, but SKIP the mattresses. These usually go on sale for Presidents’ Day in February. Stay tuned!

2. Related but for a different room, towels are another popular item included in the white sales that get homeowners refreshing their linens this month. Stepping out of a hot shower to wrap yourself in that fluffy, brand-new towel is a January experience everyone deserves. The next time a cold snap is on its way, you’ll be grateful for the upgrade.

3. You might think we’re crazy—but this is the BEST month to load up on holiday décor. If you just scoffed with a resounding ‘Yuck!’…we get it. You just got through all that holiday stuff! But if you do know you need an addition or an upgrade in some décor for next year, it’s all on steep sales right now.

Take yourself out to your favorite DFW area retailer carrying Christmas items, and think about your spaces at home. Think about the area that needed more, or the one that needed something new. Walk the aisles this January and enjoy it, because those sale prices will get your creativity going better than anything.

4. Fitness gear and equipment, including bathroom scales, treadmills, clothes and the rest is all on super-sale this month. They say 70% of New Year resolutions flop before the end of January…but with how many are health or weight related, consumers put a TON of money into fitness gear this month. retailers know that, so they discount everything to let us buy more, more, more!

If that New Year resolution failure rate has you nervous, think of these January fitness sale prices as a sign that now’s the time. If you feel good about the money you’re spending, you’re more likely to stick to whatever program you spend it on. So…know where in your home you’re going to set it up, buy that treadmill, and be a part of the 30% that make it past the first month of a new resolution!

5. There are some mixed reviews depending where you look, but according to Consumer Report, January has the highest average of discounts on TVs. With these pre-Super Bowl sales, you might not just be looking at a replacement…but an upgrade.

Here’s the icing on the cake: January’s also a great month to do the TV upgrade that requires a mini-remodel. In many cases, an upgrade might mean having to lightly remodel or change around your TV space. January’s a great month for that, too, with post-holiday weekends at home. We’re even putting hiring ads out this month because of the boost in quick projects like this!

If you’re spending more time at home these days, or if movies together warm your heart, make your living space what you want it to be. Believe us—after that last cold snap, you’ll be spending more time at home, anyway.

6. A bonus item! January is also the second-best month to buy a home. Studies show that homeowners selling their houses have a bigger “push” out the door in January, where they’re more emotionally and mentally ready after the holidays to get that sucker SOLD. So, this month, home buyers have the upper hand. Come in with a smile, make your best bid, and watch it go all the way.

HOT TIP: Wait on buying any smartphones or computers this month. Back-to-school season is what heads sales for computers, and the RELEASE of new phone models is when you’ll find discounts on other models.

Taking advantage of January sales really sets the scene of what January is all about. So, stay warm in bed, enjoy lazy weekends of Netflix after the holiday rush, wrap yourself in luxury towels after a hot shower…and get real about New Year’s resolutions. The smart homeowner in January is also the comfy one, the relaxed one, and the one ready for the Super Bowl. You can make the most of your month if you stock up now!

Seen some other good deals around the Dallas/Fort Worth area that we should share? Drop a comment and let us know!

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