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Best Home Items to Buy in May

Best Home Items to Buy in May

It’s like yesterday was New Year’s Eve, and now 2019 is chugging along with May Day rolling in! Time sure flies, which is a BIG reminder to use our time wisely.

It’s especially fun to prep and plan in May for our favorite time of the year—summer.

May is a charming month, deep in spring, when the weather becomes warmer and you can really get into redecorating or cleaning around your home. May is also a good time to start planning your summer vacation, if you haven’t already.

If you need some ideas on how to spend your home budget on things that will be useful and with the right sticker price this month, keep reading!


1: Grills and BBQ equipment


On the verge of summer, there will be MANY discounts when it comes to grills and grill accessories. Tools, covers, BBQs…you can find them with up to 40% discount around the Metroplex.

If you are looking to buy a grill for the spring and summer, you can definitely do so in May for the cheapest price. Some stores will even take in your old to recycle parts and discount the price of the new one. As Memorial Day creeps nearer, keep your eye out for coupons, too, in all your favorite home publications.


2: Home appliances

Kitchen and overall home appliances can get you a steal in the month of May, making your next dream remodel that much more feasible. Even small items like blenders and coffee makers that are gifted for weddings and graduations are on sale this month, so keep your eyes out for good deals for YOURSELF (as well as gifts)! The same applies to cookware, so you might as well use the opportunity to bring something fresh in your kitchen.


3: Athletic equipment

With the weather getting hotter (and you KNOW how hot it’s going to get), many of the sporting goods retailers will push offers on athletic apparel this month. Keep your eyes open for some awesome deals!

For example, everybody is starting to get excited about the summer weather, and we still have time to work on our “summer bodies,” so these deals will add a touch of “get to it” in May.

What’s more, many stores will try to get their heavier workout clothing out of the store to make space for the new collections, so May is the perfect month to stock up on that, too, if you are needing an athletic gear upgrade!

This month makes the perfect occasion for you to start (or restart) an activity like yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, or anything else you’ve been putting off during the colder months. Some clothes for jogging, cycling, hiking, or just walking your doggo might be just the motivation that you need.


4: Home décor


May is the perfect time to redecorate your home for spring colors, adding some fun pillows, artwork or fresh window treatments that will welcome the warmth to your home.

After all, refreshing the space around you will have a positive impact on you and all your family members, not to mention spring and summertime VISITORS! There will be plenty of sales aimed at the new high school grads who will decorate their first “homes away from homes,” too. These things could also make awesome gifts for Mother’s Day…

Expert tip: you can contact Robin directly at robin@signaturehomeservices.com to see the discounts (up to 15%!) on Graber window treatments this month, too. Those specials don’t run the whole month, though, so send her a message today!


5: Mattresses

There is nothing more precious than a good night’s sleep!

Sleeping well is the root of good health and overall quality of life. But we all know how pricey a good mattress can be, so it’s important to keep an eye for deals and discounts when you can.

It just so happens that MAY is the month when mattress deals are most likely to happen, especially around Memorial Day. Many high school and college graduates will be buying mattresses for their new spaces.



6: Party supplies!

If you have any upcoming parties in coming months, it will be smart to buy what you need in May and keep them stored until the big day, because the savings are happening NOW. You have the many upcoming weddings and graduation parties to thank, leaving all of us with awesome deals and discounts when it comes to plastic plates and cups, condiments, napkins, and other party necessities. Mother’s Day, Memorial Weekend—there are many excuses for an awesome pre-summer party!


May is just around the corner, and with it some awesome deals for home buys. Do you have a store you know will be throwing a big Memorial Day sale? Let us know, because we’ll probably want to go!

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