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Before and After—Itching for an Update

Before and After—Itching for an Update

The kitchen remodel…the thing SO many homeowners fantasize about. If there were only a better flow, or more room, or better lighting…and oh, to update the appliances!!

When we first came into this client’s original kitchen here in Keller, they had a few things very clear in their minds:

1: Number one, they had lots of cabinets, but it wasn’t well planned and organized. That had to change.

2: Number two, their kitchen island was small and awkwardly placed.

3: Number three (and what left the biggest impression with us), their kitchen space was closed off from the rest of the living area by big, dark arches. That was not exactly “inviting” on either side of the entryway…

Of course, over our consultation, there were other things these homeowners wanted updated that came RIGHT to the surface. If they were going to do this, they wanted to do it right.

For example, the wallpaper. This family was ready to be DONE with that forever!

Oh, and the cabinets? They didn’t even reach all the way to the ceiling!

What this project really came down to was changing the feel of the space. The archways into the living space darkened the WHOLE main floor, and the kitchen was neither practical for entertaining nor for storage.

This client was positively itching for a new kitchen.

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What was changed:

The island

The previous island was in what we could ONLY call a “funky” position, shoved right up to the main cooking area. We tore it out and put the island in the other way, giving a totally new layout to the walking space in the kitchen.

The new island was also BEAUTIFULLY stained to play off of the dramatic floors…this was definitely a look we were VERY excited about!!


The lighting plan

The original lighting plan in this Texas kitchen was the typical “builder placement,” meaning it was not designed to take into consideration what main surfaces needed to be illuminated…and since we were tearing everything up, anyway, it made sense that we would have to change the lighting plan altogether.

When we redid this kitchen, the lighting plan was adapted to illuminate key work areas and play visually off the new space with the turned counter, new appliances and more.


The countertops

Everyone says “MARBLE,” but that is NOT the only beautiful counter surface out there!! When we installed these countertops, this family was not concerned about what was “trending” or popular—and this was our first opportunity to appreciate how timeless they truly wanted their kitchen to be.

For this household, the priority was utility, and these slick granite countertops were the perfect fit for their cooking and daily use.


The cabinetry

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: this kitchen had plenty of cabinets, but NO DRAWERS! Some of you can imagine…but no one WANTS to imagine!

The original cabinetry also didn’t stretch to the ceiling, which was not only impractical, but a nightmare to clean…

A priority in the design phase for the cabinets focused a LOT on storage space. Not only did the kitchen need drawers, it needed drawers that would work for the way this family lives and uses the kitchen!

The original space also had these old double ovens that took up TONS of space. We all knew what could be done about that…keep only one oven, and add more storage!


The flow into the main living space

The flow from the kitchen into the living room started with the essential: tear those dark archways down! Demolition was an EXCITING part of this project, because even through the dust, seeing that LIGHT stretch across the space left everyone ready to see the finished space.

To further amplify the light play across the room, new windows were installed, too.

And with all that light coming in, after the installation of the new floor (which was SUCH a visually interesting choice), the room positively glowed.


This was truly designed to be a timeless kitchen. As we got to know the owners’ ideas, likes and preferences over consultation, it was CLEAR that a timeless look was their priority.

And it’s what we achieved! We certainly hope to be visiting them again—working with clients with such great taste in such a beautiful home…we really can’t ask for anything better than that.

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