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[BEFORE/AFTER] MULTI-Bathroom Facelift

[BEFORE/AFTER] MULTI-Bathroom Facelift

The home was 20 years old. And while none of the seven bathrooms were exactly “yuck” in look or design, none of them were “WOW,” either…

Keller bathroom remodel "before" photo with dated tubOne bathroom had a wall of white tile around a dated tub. Both of these tired features stood behind a shower curtain that was ready for retirement, too…

Another bathroom had a custom vanity that was worse for wear, BUT beautiful in its craftsmanship.

Cabinets needing an update

Ask yourself—shouldn’t ANY bath or powder room be your respite?! I absolutely think so.

And so, apparently, did this homeowner.

With the ultimate goal of refreshing their bathroom spaces, this family came to us for a MULTI-bathroom facelift. I love, LOVE working with clients like this on multiple spaces in the home, because you really get to see how tastes and likes come together and flow room to room…

(Get your own interior design style instantaneously on our quiz!!)

All in all, we have refreshed a total of SIX of the seven bathrooms in this stunning home.

Here’s a look at what we did with three of them!


1: The powder room

The powder room facelift transformation

This powder room is the one with that exquisite cabinet that needed some urgent love. Here’s what we did:

  • Evened out imperfections in the vanity
  • Painted it a GORGEOUS green
  • Put the marble countertop on
  • Installed new lights
  • Put up a new mirror

Is it just me, or is ANY refresh welcome? You don’t have to do a major remodel to fall in love with a space…this powder room is proof. Low investment, huge return on enjoyment…

Powder room facelift remodel in Keller Texas with custom mirror and repainted vanity


2: The pool bath

The pool bath facelift remodel transformation

Pool bath facelift remodel with new tile and mirror and custom vanityNext, we did similar “refreshing” in the pool bath. In terms of utility, the tile selection was extra mindful of the pool-pruned feet that would be pitter-pattering in…(in other words, it was the most slip-resistant option).

We made some conspicuous changes to the look and feel of the space, too. And it was simple. Here’s what we did:

  • Re-tiled the whole space
  • Added new lights
  • Installed new counter, too
  • Then, of course, we painted the cabinet
  • And just look at that mirror selection!!

EXPERT TIP: One of the dynamics I LOVED about these bathroom facelifts was working with a client who’s so decisive. They even provided some of the eye-catching selections themselves, namely the mirrors…and yes, you can do that!! Client-provided selections are a regular part of remodels. If you find something you love and just HAVE to have in your home, we can absolutely work it into your design!


3: The black-and-white bathroom

Oh my, the black and white bathroom!

I’ve written about black and white before. It’s a timeless topic, because its versatility is UNRIVALED. Here’s what we did in this space to maximize those same “timeless” principals:

  • We kept the cabinets and repainted them
  • We also put in a new tub (thank goodness)
  • We updated the shower
  • And oh, that tile…

Black and white tile for bathroom shower and tub

The best part about this black and white bathroom is how EASY it will be to change it up the next time this family wants a “facelift.” We can ALWAYS repaint the cabinets a new color…and we can even add something as basic as new TOWELS for a “pop” of color.

Maybe one color for each season?!

Could it get any more budget friendly than that??

Bathroom facelit with custom mirror


Bathroom facelift tips

You can guarantee a beautiful morning by treating yourself to a simple facelift for your bathroom…

Just think of how much time you spend in the bathroom…how many times you walk in…and at key times of day, like when you wake up and right before bed.

In other words, your bathroom sets the tone for your day. It’s where you manage your appearance, too!! If you don’t LOVE the way the walls around you look, or the shape of the mirror, or the way the light bounces off the walls…I can promise you won’t love how you look, either.

Here are the key takeaways from these exquisite bathroom facelift:

  • Always turn to color! In small bathrooms, one of the EASIEST and most impactful “facelifts” you can do is to add a new shade of paint. That might be for the walls, or the vanity…or even your molding accents!
  • Dream your dreamiest shower curtain! Finding accents like the perfect shower curtain in your favorite fabric is another easy way to get a bathroom looking exactly the way you want.
  • Unexpected pieces for the win…even if you include just one small, unexpected piece of décor, this can have a HUGE impact. Soften the space or add some visual interest.

Bonus tip: If you’re not wanting to paint the walls for some reason, you can even paper over it…wallpaper is not only coming back in a BIG way, but there are performance papers that are perfect for bathrooms (read: MOISTURE). These paper designs give you LOADS of “whimsy” options. Just depends on what you’re into!


If you’re generally happy with your bathroom layout and it’s functionally supporting your lifestyle, you probably just need a bathroom “facelift” to update paint, light fixtures, modern hardware, etc.…

You can expect to pay a LOT less in a facelift than in a full remodel, of course. And the RETURN is still enormous!

Just look at these remodels and tell me that wouldn’t be true for you if these spaces were in YOUR home…

Custom green vanity and custom mirror in bathroom remodel

Custom mirror and new lights in bathroom remodel facelift

Decorative tile in black and white bathroom remodel facelift

You just have to choose the right elements that bring the most of what you’re after.

Are you after peace? Beauty? A little more utility? Something a little more “modern?”

Tell me what your bathroom could use…then get started now with some of our interior design resources and be sure to reach out to me personally!!

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