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[BEFORE/AFTER] A Bathroom Facelift with a Photographic Focal Point

[BEFORE/AFTER] A Bathroom Facelift with a Photographic Focal Point

Over the course of consultation, especially once we get past selections and share a 3D digital rendering with a client, it’s often a look of AWE when our client sees how much can be done with a facelift for a room instead of a full gut-and-redo. A bathroom or a kitchen can be ESPECIALLY transformed with these endless changes that never affect the actual structure of the space.

When this bathroom remodel client came to us, we talked about how the master bath is where we all set the tone for our day. It’s where we get ready! How we see ourselves in that space will affect how we feel about ourselves for the rest of the day, too. If you choose the wrong paint for the bathroom, or the wrong bulbs or lighting fixtures, you’ll be surrendering your chips without ever placing a bet! There’s no chance you’ll feel as good as you should by the time you walk out the door for the day.

The next look of surprise always comes when clients see how MUCH we can accomplish over a few weeks. Our Signature Process is designed the way it is for a reason—well, really, LOTS of reasons, but one of those is to get your project done on time so you can start getting that return on enjoyment your space was designed to deliver!


The backstory of this Colleyville, Texas bath…

Our client knew that the master bath was in need of a facelift. The layout was fine, it was just the finishes and the fixtures that needed updates. The shower had a small curb to step over, not to mention some tired gold borders around each pane of glass. The vanity needed some major refreshing, too.

With fixtures, paints and many finishes on the list to be updated, the design on this project was quick, especially since the couple wasn’t going to need new cabinets. They were ready to give the space a clean, timeless look while also ensuring they had their preferences and comforts met—this was the core reason for their update!!

For him, that would mean an update to the shower.

For her, a luxurious bath.

And for both, it would mean a space they could start every day in with the greatest sense of comfort and peace.


What we did:

We kept the cabinets in this bathroom facelift, but everything else was new. There was going to be an update of colors, window treatments, flooring, the shower and bath, and lighting all over the space.

The design was going to be very traditional, too. It would be versatile enough that any owner in the future could come in, take the accessories down, and turn it into a beautifully clean-designed bathroom.


The paint palette

It’s always one of my FAVORITE things to help clients pick the color palette for a space!! For paint, the couple chose neutral tones. Even the tiles were in the gray family, but on the cool side.

Interesting, the client originally thought of doing dark floors with a light-palette shower, but ultimately switched to a dark shower and light floors. This made the effect of the contrast more dramatic, which she loved.

A color palette change will immediately transform any space, especially smaller rooms like a bathroom. Starting with color is ALWAYS a fun way to introduce new ideas into a design scheme!


A highlighted fixture

Adding a new fixture (or several!) is an AMAZING way to give an entirely new look to a bathroom. If you shop with someone who knows the industry (like me!!) you can also pick a fixture to splurge on as your “highlight piece” based on which fixtures tend to go on sale season by season.

For this client, it was the light fixture that would be the fabulous focal point. This was a beautiful way to add some “bling” and to class the bathroom up.


To read more, check this article out.

Just consider this…

Think about it—most master baths have at least one window, but there are PLENTY of half-baths, guest bathrooms and powder rooms with no windows at all. Really, it’s a luxury to have a bathroom with great natural light.

And, since there was a great window right over the bathtub in this Colleyville bathroom, we were able to make that natural light source MORE accessible than ever with a new installation of Graber’s motorized shades. The only carry-over in the window design from the previous “look” and feel of the bathroom was the hand-made over curtain we re-installed on top of the shade lift, which was made by the client, herself, years ago.


While we were at it…

We also worked with this client to do a light facelift on their master bedroom, which would follow a similar theme to the updated bathroom. We painted the bedroom and installed motorized shades there as well.

From this…

To this!!

See more pictures from this project!! We were in LOVE with this bathroom by the end…the clients were, too!!

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